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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outside projects

Yup, still working on this vacation agenda....and yup, vacation was over two weeks ago!  But I'm getting there....we took the car in to be painted and fixed.  The one that got totaled last summer.  We bought the car back from the insurance company, found the wrecked parts from a 'junkyard' car, and let it sit through the winter.  Now it's getting painted.  So I'm getting my car back.  Mark that off the list.
And those bricks....those damn bricks....finished that story on the house blog.
So, the rain has stopped for the most part.  It's been cloudy a lot, but plants are finally starting to bloom.  I don't have many flowers blooming out here but I do have trees.  Redbud, apple, pear, peach.  And I got this idea off of She Junks.  You don't always have to put flowers in a vase.  You can bring in some tree blossoms!

I've been slowly going through beehives.  And moving them.  I am putting them all around the edge of the woods.

Rather than spread out in the whole yard.

I've also been painting the hives that died.  I want my beeyard to be colorful.  It's where Coral Belle will reside when she is finished.
And I've been painting gourds and turning them into birdhouses.  I actually started this project last year. But as it is with most projects around here, you only get stuff started...never finished.  Because something else more important than painting gourds pops up.

Hopefully, I will find time to get some flowers.  My Shug and I worked together on our flower boxes Sunday.
We dug out the clay and added nice soil.  Once I finish those bricks, I'm going to plant flowers.

With all of the hard work I do, why aren't I this tall and this skinny?

 I don't get it.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh I am so wondering the "Why aren't I tall and skinny thing" for myself I work hard too:)
    Oh it is so nice to see you outside enjoying what you love everything looks good and the flowers will be beautiful. Take care and glad you are getting your precious car back. Hug B

  2. Not tall and skinny...stand in some compost and face the sun...should do the trick!
    Jane x

  3. Lots of good work going on there. I have a box of gourds when you get done with yours come paint mine. Please.


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