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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sometimes you're the hammer......

....and sometimes you're the nail....

The week started off ok.......I had my niece a couple of days this week, and while we were shopping, I looked up and saw a familiar face....WTH? My cousin, Johnny, his wife Lori, and their three grand kids, who don't even live in this town! We chatted for a few minutes, but we were both on a time schedule, so we parted ways....

Now this...I was proud of. We were at Panera having breakfast with some people I used to work with, and she brought her crocheting.

But the night before, I got fired from babysitting. Not that I'm worried, I've been getting fired since she was 3 months old for one reason or t'other! And the nails that match the desk lawn were not my fault. She spent the night with my Sister's friend Christy before coming to my house.

But this.....ahem...probably shouldn't have sent this pic to my Sister.

Groovy girl opened a "crochet lounge" for VIP yarn. And a "crochet lounge" needs a crocheted cigarette. And why I was fired. I let my niece hang out with us on Ripple Tuesday.

On Wednesday....I had a few minutes and ran into Groovy Girl yarn because I had to start a project over. Something I've been trying to make for my sister for her birthday. I re-made it, only to get it too big. And where the week started going to hell. I bought more yarn and started it again.

On Thursday, I was heading out to the house we are building.....and

this truck accidentally hit me and ran me off the road.

I was in my little red car. I ended up in this field. I saw the truck coming at my door, and I thought..."this is it, I'm going to die." The truck was heading for the side of my door. It's amazing how in about five seconds your mind can conjure up a million thoughts. I visualized him smashing me through the door. I slowed down, then turned....wanting to go into this field, but there was a tall cement curb and a stake in the ground. I didn't know what to do. Can I make it up the curb? Will I flip? Will the stake run through my car? Is it rebar? (it was wooden) Will it kill me? What are my chances against this truck? I'm mind was racing.

I went up that curb, ran over the stake,

blew a tire, and listened in panic mode to the crunching of the truck hitting my car....wondering if he was done cramming into my car....not knowing what to do. My car came to a stop.

I just sat there.

shaking and quietly crying.
Of course, all of these pictures are after the fact.

I know it doesn't look near as bad as it felt and sounded.

The sheriff told me I did some very fancy driving and should be glad because this accident could have been a lot worse. Then he gave me that knowing look......All I could do was nod.

There were people all around, wreckers, sheriff cars, people talking to me,and I felt like I was watching from somewhere else. Know what I mean?

And they kept asking me if I was OK. "I'm fine." Then they'd say, "you're just a little shook up." I have never been in such a wreck before. I've had little fender benders. But I was told....and this is the part that makes me cry......"Clean the car out like you're never going to see it again." You see folks.....and I know it's shallow.....I KNOW IT IS SO DON'T TELL ME.....I get attached to my cars. I told my Shug later that evening, "Do you realize we've been married almost 18 years, and I've only had two cars." He thought about it for a minute.....then he said, "I guess you're right." This car is a 1999. But as you can see, it's in fairly new car condition. It only has 84,000 miles on it. It gets good gas mileage. It has cheap plates. It's paid off! And the wrecker guy told me it's probably going to be considered totaled.

Here is what I'm grateful about....

no one got hurt. Not even hurting the next day.

My friends and family called to make sure I was ok, even the next day.

I didn't have my niece with me.
I have something else I can drive.

Later I told my Mom that when I was sitting there, right after it happened, I felt this 'security' or 'safety' in my car in the seat belt. Her response, "How in the "H" can you feel any security in this little car......!" (something like that!)

I'm Guardian Angel had her arms wrapped around me.... because for those few seconds, I felt safe.

Then I went home that night and my dogs had been in the yarn.

You know I'm not myself when I pick it up, snip it off with scissors, unwrap it from the chair, and toss it in the trash.

You know I'm not myself when I think....hmmmm, can this bailing twine be crocheted into something (yup-that sounds like me, so there is hope), but I promptly toss it in the trash.

I also passed several garage sales yesterday, and didn't even think about stopping.

And then....the icing on the cake. Third time's a charm right? So, yesterday, amidst running to Insurance Company, Sheriff's department, Insurance Company again, and other errands, I stop at Groovy Girl to see if I'm crocheting my sister's birthday "project" correctly......nope....gotta rip out two rows and re-do it kid.


My phone was ringing off the hook with other issues that I won't even go into.....I quit answering it.

And Groovy Girl introduced me to this lady, whose name is Veronica. At the very moment she introduce me, I had been briefly chatting with a customer, so I THOUGHT she was introducing me to that customer. So I kept calling that customer Veronica. Then when that customer turned to leave I said, "Bye Veronica, nice to meet you." Groovy Girl looked at me like I had lost my mind and said, "Bee, that's Peggy."



I give up.

Cindy Bee


  1. Those photos of your car give me shivers. So glad you're OK.

  2. Cindy, Thank God you are safe. Cars can replaced..maybe not the same sweet red car, but one that you like. I always that could have been way worse. I would have knitted the dogs a straight jacket to keep them out of the yarn :):) cat is crazy like that for sewing thread, which I never want her to have. I am thankful you are okay, Cindy. Smiles to you, Susie

  3. I'm so glad you're okay and I think you were spot-on about your guardian angel holding you safe in their arms.

    Take a deep breath....hold let it out again. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week.

  4. Praise the Lord you were not injured! So thankful you are okay, although emotionally drained. A few good nights sleep and hopefully this will pass. I get attached to my cars also. I name them. My car is a bright red dodge avenger and her name is Ladybug. We are silly girls.

  5. Was so glad your car didn't roll over and you came out safe:::::Believe me I know about "car attachment" I was to my Brand new Montanna van, didn't have it long but so proud I had a brand new One!! BUT rolled it ::remember:::twice over and over! BUT the seat belt kept me in as if it was my guradian angel and I came out bruised from one end to the other but alive! so take that deep breath and go on for all you said was good that didn't happen in the wreck. Stay safe::::Keep that Angel with you
    the cuzin gloria

  6. So glad you are ok! Maybe you will have fun shopping for a newer cuter little car. Hope the insurance helps some and I hope you feel more yourself soon! Sending you happy thoughts!

  7. Well, I tried a comment yesterday. And it did not publish. OMG! Im glad it was only the car. I know you loved it but you will love the next car. The gang would have been so sad to see see you hurt. We worried about your knee hurting. Please be careful.

  8. Cindy Bee,
    I am so sorry for the accident and grateful you are ok. Yes that would shake me up too and make me think alot about life in general.

    Here's to a better week this week.


  9. Wow. Glad you're ok. sorry you've had such a rough time. I think there stars must be out of alignment or something lately!

  10. Man I never miss any of your posts but I missed this one. WOW I love that you have fancy driving skills that is probably what saved you. am so happy you were alright I cannot believe I missed this post. HUGS B


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