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Friday, August 10, 2012

Handmade Gifts

Well I've been trying to get a post ready all week. It's been a busy one, but I'm sticking with my,

remember the post, about my sister's birthday gift and how many times I had to re-do her gift. Well, I was making her a hat. And this one...was too big. It fits my head with my hair up!

So I made another one

and it fit!

I also bought her some sea glass earrings. These were hand-made from Kristy who is also in the Tuesday evening crochet class. I LOVE SEA-GLASS. I didn't even know she made jewelry until one day I wore a sea glass bracelet and we started talking about it.

And I got her a flower for her yard or a planter from Patti Beck's studio.

All hand-made gifts.

I did that because my sister does that at Christmas time as much as she can. It's not easy.

I would like to challenge everyone to start making Christmas presents now. Or start shopping now. With Farmer's Market's, fall festivals coming soon, and friends who are talented, why not support each other. And if you can't do that, support your local small business.

This'll make you laugh....or at least smile!

I hope this works....Click on this link

for a special birthday hat Theresa received!

Cindy Bee

PS - I have been painting our bath/laundry room at the new house. When we finish that room, we'll be moving in.


  1. Moving in finally I know what that feels like YEAH YEAH YEAH>
    I love those gifts and homemade is for sure the way to go.
    I could not get your funny link and I was looking forward to it, I will try later.
    Happy Birthday girls. B

  2. Love those handmade gifts! Great hat Cindy and she looks lovely wearing it. I think it is so nice to gift handmade presents.

    I started making my Christmas presents back in May (I have to have some ready to post to Australia in the autumn or they don't arrive in time - Aussie customs sit on things for ages and ages!!) but I haven't finished the cardi I'm knitting for my niece and it doesn't look like I will get to finish it in time now. Can't see I'll be knitting or crocheting anytime soon :-(

  3. hmmmm...I like the hat....I like the presents.
    Your doll models blush application questionable

  4. I will join your Handmade and Local crusade

  5. These hats are adorable, love the colours you used.

    So, a Crafty Christmas challenge?

  6. Cute, cute, cute hats! Your sis is a lucky girl!

  7. I have made Christmas presents for years. Last year after making so many afghans for the grands birthdays we traded names and just bought presents. Have not even thought about this year but still making aprons for birthdays. So excited for you to be close to the move in!
    And the hats are really sweet!

  8. Cindy, That a sweet hat you made your sister. The earrings were cute too. Smiles, xo, Susie

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