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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Day of School (part I)

Last YEAR, my one niece and I went camping on her last day of school. You can read about it here.
So, back in MAY of this year, she asked me if we could go camping again on her last day of school. WTH?
"Don't you remember last year? We stayed about half an hour."
" Yes but I want to invite Emily and Sarah this time."
"OK, but how about instead of camping we sleep in the basement of our house. We can do everything we did then, but sleep inside."
"Okkaaaayyyyyy", she said.
We did this right when I returned home from Italy, but I never got it posted.

We ate hot dogs by the fire.

Mom and Dad joined us.

So did my Shug.

We also made s'mores.

When everyone left they let their imaginations run wild. They pretended they were in a band and our patio was the stage.

They played beauty shop (and I got my hair done!)

That evening when we came inside, I showed them how to make a chain with a crochet hook.

and they turned those chains into bracelets.

The next morning, Uncle Dave (my Shug) brought us donuts from Dirty Dan's, the best donut place in town! And he brought me some much needed coffee! Bless his heart!

Then we went to the swimming hole.

We own the land across the road, and it has a nice size pond.

I prefer pond water to chlorinated swimming pools.

And I watch them while they are in the pond,

but I don't worry about them.

This is why!!!!!!

Cindy Bee


  1. Just be careful of the amoeba. Don't mean to scare you but I saw on tv not long ago where a lot of people have died this year from it. It's in stagnant pond water. Is yours free flowing?

  2. Hi Kat,
    Yes our pond is free flowing. It has a creek that runs through it and keeps the water moving. Good question, btw.


  3. Yeah, coolest aunt ever. God love you! :)


  4. What a fun time. I miss those days! HUgs Cheri

  5. OHHH what fun those girls must have with their favorite Aunt!! Those memories I do hope they have those pictures to remember with for long time::::::::::::::by the way~~~~that hat your Mom had on===what a hoot!!!
    Keep having fun
    the cuzin gloria

  6. Well you pond is like 3 times larger than ours for sure.


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