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Monday, August 20, 2012

Plant Seeds

So, after yesterday's post you are going to think that the title of this post is going to have some deep underlying meaning. No way no how!

Most people only think of planting seeds in the spring, but there are some seeds that need to go through the cold winter and the rough and tumble weather to loosen their outer coating on their seed. And Baptisia Australi's (Blue False Indigo, or Wild Blue Indigo) is one of those plants.
You plant the seeds in the fall.

This was my plant in May.

It died :-(

Don't know why. It's hardy from zones 3-8 (some say through zone 10) and it's drought tolerant.

But I went out to the pods and gathered seeds. I'm hoping some of those seeds have been replanting themselves for the last couple of years, because when growing the plant from seed, it takes three years to get flowers. If you were to grow this plant from seed, you would need to mark the area so you wouldn't think it was a weed and pull it.

I gathered some seeds.

Want some?

You don't have to follow me, comment, or read my lips. The first 20 people (a book of stamps has 20 - that's my investment - besides time) to send me their address will get some seeds. don't HAVE to do this, but wouldn't it be cool if everyone that had seeds to offer, would do so. Let's get the blogger world planting seeds! Now is the time to be harvesting them.

Oh yeah - speaking of world.....sorry overseas people, but I just can't pay 8 Euro, Lira, Bucks to send you some seeds. Do you know how much yarn I could buy with that money?!?!!

Cindy Bee

PS - you can either e-mail me your address at or leave it in the comment section. If you e-mail, put SEEDS in the subject line.


  1. That is a beautiful plant! I'm so sorry it died. I hope it has been reseeding too. I will be emailing you my address. Thank you so much! I love your idea of sharing seeds. I will have to see if I have any to share.

  2. Seeds Please!!! Mary Bartels 1332 13th. Ave. E. Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404 Thank You, I really love the look of the plant.

  3. Would you like to do an exchange? =) I have some lovely nigella (love in a mist) seeds!

  4. I just wanted to stop by and say that I like your idea about strumming around the campfire. It sounds like a lot of fun. I do live 2,000 miles away, you know.
    You just keep practicing . . . one day you are going to surprise yourself. Then there will be no stopping you. You'll be the leader of all our family sing-a-longs... it's really fun at Christmas. Have a great day, and thanks so much for visiting.
    It is always a pleasure. Connie:)

  5. hey cindy...that is a fabulous idea....once i figure out how to remove seeds ill send you some.

  6. Cindy, I hurried up and emailed my address to you before I commented. LOL. I will save you some of my hollyhock seeds . Flowers had a rough year around these parts...but you know others had it worse than we did. Smiles to you, Susie


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