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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ripple Tuesday!

I forgot to get a picture of my ripple blanket so I went to get one today and.....uuuhhh uhhh....

I don't think so.....

Sorry - took with phone. I can't find my camera at the moment so the color is off.

This is Lindsays blanket. She always leaves early to go home and watch some reality tv show (I think) so this is the first you've seen of her ripple. Very colorful. I like it.

K very quietly set these grannies on top of her ripple when I was taking a pic. Jeeeesh.

She was working on her bag I think. Remember last week was supposed to be bags and balls. Shoot - I didn't get a pic of all the food. Meatballs, mozzarella balls with tomatoes and basil on a skewer...hmmm...I think that was all the balls. oh no....little dessert cupcakey type balls. No bags though. Most of us worked on our ripples.

'cept Kathy, who I don't even think crochets. She just joins us to get away from her retired husband!

This is going to be a tic tac toe board!

Cindy Bee


  1. So many pretty colors! Looks terrific!

  2. Hi Cindy, I think it is so cool how you gals get together and work on your projects. It is such a nice way to visit and share your lives with good and loving friends. Watch out for the pup! One good pull on your yarn and it's start all over time :(

    In regard to the comment you left on my blog:
    It took me thirty six years of marriage to finally have a special "Out-in-the-open" spot for rags. As long has he had to take a lid off, or hunt for a box in the closet . . . he would just pick up a dish towel. It's a man's thing. Last Sunday he needed a rag and to my delight he went right to the rag bucket. I am hoping that a "good boy" and a little scratch behind the ears and he'll remember how sweet it is to not mess with my dish towels. I know that I have little pet peeves that bother him, too. Like putting away the remote when I dust the family room, LOL. It doesn't belong it the cute little remote carrier I bought him, it belongs right by his side of the couch. Isn't life wonderful . . . we have so many little things come up each day where we can choose to get upset, or laugh it off. I love a good laugh! Here's wishing you the best day ever, Connie :)

  3. Looks wonderful to me, then again I'm a non-crocheter as you know.

    How is the house progressing?

  4. Well Cindy Bee your ripple is looking great! Dear pets, how can you possibly keep them off blankets of any kind. I have a quilt that I use later in the evening when I sit down and the Bug always cuddles up close to me when I get it out. The only time she does, because she loves the man of the house best.

  5. Oh my, I haven't made one of those in years! Good work!...)JP


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