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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ripple Tuesday!

Tic Tac Toe Games for the grandkids (I think)

"K" decided she was making her bag and taking a break from the ripple. This bag is going to be so cool. I'll probably have to stop rippling and make one. I bought the yarn for it months ago.

And Barb shows this to me and says, "What can this be?"

I said, "Did you crochet that?"

Barb, "Yes"

Me, "I thought you were a new crocheter?"

Barb, "I am."

Really...I think she has previous experience....this looks knitted to me.

I suggested a trivet.

Cindy Bee


  1. The ripples are coming along nicely! And those flowery granny squares look lovely too.

  2. I know that your group of ladies must have so much fun together, and your projects are coming along wonderfully. My mother taught me how to do a granny square about forty years ago. I quit half way through my afghan and she had to finish it. I wish I could remember how to do it. I'm a visual learner . . . so I'll need to find a friend to teach me. Maybe up at the assisted living where I used to work. Have a great day, Connie :)

  3. I love ripples!!!

    I need to catch up... Ripple Tuesday you say?

    I need to find a pack to crochet with.

  4. The Ripples really are lovely! Mine is very nearly done now, I just need to prepare myself for it being finished, I've enjoyed making it so much!x

  5. The ripples are always nice to see, even for a non crocheter...sp?
    I see your moving along into your new house. You"LL have a new place for Christmas!

    I'm obviously not feeling the blogging lately. Sorry to be so absent but I always swing by.

  6. Looks like everyone has been busy with their hooks! Lovely work!

  7. Cindy, You girls are doing very good work. I love all the color combinations.Smiles, Susie


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