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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

 I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Mine was a mix of fun and family and friends.
On Saturday, my cousin Vickie and I went to The Vintage Farmhouse's Enchanted Flea Market.  And, as you can see, I took pictures with my phone, and they are distorted as usual.  I will say I am not at all impressed with the I phone 5.  I would rather have my 3 back.  Oh well...
 Back to the flea market.  It had a mix of new and used and vintage and vintage looking.
 And best of all it was fun chatting with people I haven't seen in awhile, Michelle from All Wooled Up, Marilyn from The Gypsy Pearl, Kathy who is in my spinning group and makes the most unusual denim rugs, and of course Nicki From The Vintage Flea Market. 
  I also ran into my brick-moving friend Cheryl there!
  And Mom and Dad were there for about five minutes!  They said, "we grew up with all of this stuff, why do we want it again?"  LOL!

 The flea market was held at Watts Christmas Tree farm.  All these years and I never knew this existed.  They have a building full of fun Christmas stuff from past and present and a lot of items for sale.  The owner told us in the winter they have trees, swags, wreaths for sale.  I bet it's a fun place to go at Christmastime.  hmmm....maybe with my nieces.

After we left the market, we went into the town of Zionsville.  Vickie saw a blanket in the window of a yarn store.  We went in.  (not to worry Groovy Girl!)  I went to the bathroom and when I came out she had this yarn in her hand.  I went to look at it and she frantically said, "NO, DON'T TOUCH IT!"   As it turned out, she ended up not buying it.  Even on sale it was rather pricy.

 Nice colors though huh?
 So here are some things I bought at the flea market.  Mushrooms for my fairy garden.

 Some little plastic robin eggs.
 Now this was my first purchase and I wanted them all...but only bought these three.
 I had to think hard about what I would do with them...and I picked these out because I thought they'd be a nice display at Halloween time.
 They are very old and came from an estate.
 This R is old and made out of a metal.  I'm sure it was part of a sign back in the day. 

And who can resist starfish?
 I'm looking for candlesticks this size to put votive cups in.  I found one.
 Underneath the candlestick is a hanky.  I picked up three hankies that I really liked.  This one was $2.00.   ummm, the other two were "worth $25.00 each but she would sell them to me for $10.00."  Like I said, I had to be picky.
 I did buy this bracelet though.  It says to live the life you've imagined.  I know someone important said that...but haven't looked up who it was.  Maybe Goethe or Twain or someone like that.  Anyway, I told someone the other day, or maybe I put it on here, or maybe both.  But I said, "to live the life you want, you sometimes have to give up the life you have."   I didn't make that up either, but I like it.  It's going to be my mantra this year....well...starting now.

On Sunday, we had a very impromptu, unplanned cookout.  My Sister called and said she was coming over to drop something off, and her husband wanted to do some target practice.   So I called my parents and asked if they wanted to stop over for a cookout.  I had some  hamburgers and a few hotdogs, and some boxed mac and cheese and a can of beans! 
 Mom said she had a few hot dogs and she'd bring some chips, buns, and stuff for the hotdogs.
 I had told Vickie the day before if we do anything for the weekend I'd let her know.  So I called her...She brought some strawberry shortcake and potato salad, that she made from scratch! And some cheese for the hamburgers. 

 Like I said, unplanned.  People brought whatever they had in their fridge or cabinets. It worked.  But...
 who buys hot dogs this small?????  Seriously?  Who makes hot dogs this small!

How was your weekend?

Cindy Bee


  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. But Cindy I've got to say, I thought you were trying to get rid of some of your stuff, not buy more!

  2. The stuff I bought were things I could use. They aren't sitting around on the table. The stuff I'm wanting to get rid of is packed in tubs. I was actually supposed to be IN this flea market, but I didn't have the time to get stuff ready. And for that very reason Fiona, I didn't buy the vintage canister set for $18, the huge vintage platter for $25.00 or the glass dome for $18.00! Girl...I'm trying!!!!!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Cindy, You had a fun filled busy weekend. Did that hot dog come out of a can of beanie/weenies?? LOL I like the things you got at the sale. xoxo,Susie

  4. Susie,

    She got it at one of our local meat markets!!!

    Cindy Bee


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