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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Birthday WEEK!

A week ago Sunday, my cousin and her husband popped over for a visit.  We were in the house and I was fixing lunch.  I told her, "We are eating leftovers out of the freezer this week.  I told my Shug I am not cooking as this is my birthday week!" 
My cousin, Gloria, says, "WEEK!?!?!!?"
 "uuuh  yeaaaah,

  As it turned out, I only cooked one meal last week!  
I tend to freeze leftovers, then forget about them, then throw them out a year or so later!  From now on, we are having "eat leftovers out of the freezer week" about once a month..or so.  I enjoyed not thinking about what to fix for dinner, not to mention the time.

 There were two things I wanted to do on my birthday....I wanted to hang these birdhouse gourds in the bee yard.... 
  and work on my camper, Coral Belle.
Now you might think those two things are no big deal, but here is the deal....My Shug spends all free time working on the house.  And I need some help hanging these gourds, and he needs to fix something on the camper before I start in on it.  It has a leak, and back in April, I bought the stuff I needed from a special camper place that sells special camper stuff.  But as always, there is one thing that needs done before I can do my bit.
Anyway,  I have been turning this box of gourds into birdhouses since before the girls left a couple of weeks ago. I keep getting interrupted with other things, 
After drying the gourds and wiping them with a scrubbie, you drill holes for the entrance,
holes at the top to hang them,
and a small hole in the bottom for drainage.
 You might remember I even had the girls painting them for one of their craft night projects!
 I was working on them the day I found the mess in the closet (see house blog)
  I took wire cutters and wire hangers to make gourd hangers.
 But they are still not hung.  
Every time we get a bit of free time, it rains.  
Which...come to think of it...the rain is probably why it is free time!

 I did do a bit of shopping during my birthday week.  This picture was taken in the dressing room, while I was trying to make the I dare buy one more......should I? 

ehhhh, what the's my birthday week! 

 On Thursday, my cousin Vickie came over and our plan was to spend the day at Groovy Girl yarn store.  But first, she gave me my birthday present which was this Patty Beck wind chime, and some other nice things.  
 I saw this wind chime at the Winter Woolen Workshop back in February, but when I went to get it, it was gone!  I haven't seen one since.  She snuck out and bought it for me before I could get to it.  This is it's temporary home, until I get my camper done.

Before we went to the yarn store we went to a couple of garage sales, to the dollar store, and out to eat.  When my Shug and I were on vacation I told him I wanted a table for the corner of our patio to put drinks on.
I spied this table at a garage sale for $5.00!  (it was the only thing I bought.  I knew exactly where it was going and what I was going to do with it.  I am on a mission to get rid of stuff-still!  Getting ready for another sale this week!)
When my Dad saw the table he admitted that he couldn't for the life of him figure out why I would want it.
This is why...I wanted a table for drinks when I have cookouts and parties and such on my tropical patio!

Birthday week will be continued......

I need to ask though...what is up with this whole blogger google reader thing.  Please HELP ME!  What do I need to do.  Am I going to lose my entire blog?

Cindy Bee


  1. Happy, HAPPY Birthday! You do know how to celebrate, girl. :)

    Love you gourds and your table is perfect!

  2. What a great birthday...I love the cheery colour on the table!
    Jane x

  3. Happy Birthday Cindy! I fully support the idea of a birthday week ... or two!

    It's only Google reader that's stopped now - I never used it but lots of people subscribed to blogs they wanted to read using its RSS feed and they have to find another way to read the blogs they like now. It doesn't affect your blog on Blogger and, if like me you look at other blogs via a list you've created on Blogger, that isn't changing either from what I understand!

  4. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....., sounds WONDERFUL, it is your " BIRTHDAY WEEK " !!! ahahahahahahahahahahaha....
    I LOVE THAT !!! yeah , why not enjoying a HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK !!! (^o^;)""" Don't have to be a week, may be nice to be a MONTH !!!
    So HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY !!! (^o^)/"""
    When I saw my blog feeder, hmm??? it was small pic from your blog, but it is familiar to me. hmmmmm ???? and clicked it and made it larger, " Oh they are my FAMILY !!! " hahahahahahahahaha, very nice pic !!! Thank you for sharing !!! (^o^)/"""
    And wow,wow,wow, , I REALLY LOVE YOUR PATIO TABLE !!!
    NOW I am also looking for another ROUND dining table set with GLASS TOP !!! Our new house has very nice nook corner with lots of windows which we can see back yard. and I love iron or like yours patio table set also !!! and YOU DID GREAT JOB and now it is SUPER CUTE !!!
    Yep, maybe i also better to go and check for garage sale !!! (^.^)v"""
    OK, please enjoy your HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK !!!

  5. OK HAPPY BIRTHDAY week(?) lucky girl:)
    I did not change anything for blogger I still use friend connect and nothing has changed so do not worry. I never used Google Reader and my friends blog posts still show up when I sign into my blog. NOTHING has changed.
    OK Now back to those gorgeous bird houses I love the colours and that table is fabulous.
    Wow I am so envious of a birthday week I turned 60 in March and never even got a cake:) but I did get a cool parcel from a blogger friend. Happy Birthday week to you ..... Hug B

  6. Lots of fun projects! I have a tub of gourds that I grew and have dried out. Maybe I should make a few birdhouses with them. Cannot wait to see more of your makeovers! The table is a very pretty color now that you have saved it.


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