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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ripple Blanket

I thought you might want to see the ripple blanket progress...
I'm getting very close to finishing it.  I have a few more colors (skeins) to go.  I get about five rows out of a skein. 

The other day I thought I had enough pink for one more row. I got this far to the end, and ran out!  I had to rip out the entire row. Such is the life of a person making an oversized ripple for a queen size bed, which she is pretty sure she will never do again!
Can't wait to finish it.  If I have enough yarn left, I'm going to make some pillow cases.
I told someone yesterday, when they asked how I manage to get through such a large project, I tell them I look at it as a long term project and TRY, but don't always succeed, to do one row a day.  If I do more then it's a bonus.  I think this has been a year in the making so far....
I also said, I do little quick finish-fun projects along the way.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh wow! I thought yeah she's done and it is beautiful! But then you went on to say not quite. You are so close. Maybe you should change that to a skein a day and "get her done". So pretty!

  2. Cindy, it's beautiful and looks great on your bed! I'm with Brenda - I'd just want to finish it now and I'd be doing as much as I could each day ... which reminds me: I have a lace border to add to my shawl to finish it and instead I'm reading blogs!!

  3. I would love to just finish it but I am into full extracting honey mode right now. I haven't had time for little else and I'm too tired to even crochet when I'm finished. Plus my neighbor traded me two messes of green beans for honey so now I have some canning to do!

  4. Those colors are go girl!!!

  5. Cindy, I can't wait to see it finished and with lots of those round pillows. Too cute. Sorry I missed you at the flea market at Horton's. I went Fri/Sat both. We were set up at the farmer's market east of the courthouse on Sat. But I walked thru with my sister on Sat. Thank you for the comment about my friend who just passed. Yes, I did think that she is now with her sons. xoxo,Susie

  6. It looks BEAUTIFUL ! I admire your patience for such a big, long term project! I'd get thru about 1/2 of one row and wind up with a a skinny scarf! Really looks amazing!! :))))


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