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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random garden stuff

Aren't these the cutest ears of corn evah?  My neighbor gave them to us.
 Look how they all fit in the pan so nicely...and they were yummo!

 And these cute little tomatoes....I'm tellin' ya peeps....we've had some cute food lately!
I grew the maters myself!

 And check this out!!!  I'm getting my gardening mojo back!  EXCITING!!!!!
That's my compost.....

I set up my compost bin in the bee yard. You know I'm not playing when I go into the weeds and drag this baby out!  I have a plan. 
And when I take my Dixie Doodle for a walk every night, we I carry the compost bucket to the compost bin. 
 I've made my compost bucket convenient.  It sits right beside the trash can.  
And My Shug says, (Use man voice here) "If that starts attracting gnats I don't want it in the house."  
(Use sweet girl voice here)  "OK Shug." 
 (then Mumble voice here) "it's not like the trash doesn't already attract them, but ok."  

We are living in a basement peeps.  I know...I know I've told you.  I've decided to call it a studio.  We are living in the studio apartment of our house...heretofore it will be known and called "the Studio."  There isn't much room for a compost bin, but I have decided that in life, if you do not make things convenient you will not do it.  Hence, the compost bin needs to be beside the trash can.  So does the recycle bin, which will be today's project.   I'm certain the recycle bin will not attract gnats.

And now for the flower portion of this Random garden post...

This fairy garden has turned into this!  I've got some work to do.
 Tropicals are looking lovely
 My friend, Patti Beck, gave me some flower starts, and they are looking good!
I haven't taken you on a tour of her place yet this year, but I will.  I always get wonderful ideas when I visit her garden.
 And I do have a plan.... of my faves.  (below)  I know, it's so simple looking, but I love it.   I'll tell you why.  I first discovered it on a trip my Shug and I took to Mackinaw Island, Michigan.  I've loved it since.

 The flower petal fell and it looks like butterflies...
 This soft looking vine is called Love in a Puff.  It has very delicate white flowers on it, and later in the summer the flower will turn into these puff balls with seeds in them. 
 The shady side of the house isn't so robust or colorful,
so I put her in the garden to help brighten it up!

  Four O'Clocks.  I don't know how they know, but they usually open around 4:00.  I went out to see if they were open now because of the rain (clouds) but nope....closed up.  
And I've always got to sprinkle in a few herbs.  This is fennel...or maybe dill...they look so much alike.  They are for the butterflies...not me.

 And for my garden tea party that I probably won't even have this year,
but maybe next....when I get the camper done.  Which I haven't had time to work on because I'm working on house stuff, and extracting honey.  (Reality Jayne - jeeeeeesh - she wanted to know why the camper wasn't finished yet.  Hellllloooooo?)  Just so you all know I haven't been just goofing off extracting honey, building bee frames, trying to keep the studio clean, you can check out the house blog.

Anyway, I've been going through this slump off and on since we moved, but right now....
I feel good nanner nanner nanner naaaah
And I knew that I would yeahhhh...

Cindy Bee


  1. Everything is looking grand! I've never seen corn like that. I bet it was delish! I've never seen tomatoes like that either. So cute!

  2. Cindy, You are eating fresh. I wanted to compost and Ted kind of messed it I'll wait till next year. I love all your pretty flowers.xoxo,Susie

  3. Cute veggies
    Cute Fairy Garden

    Compost??? A recipe for more raccoon mayhem

  4. Everything is looking good! Did you see the little fairy garden my grands made me and I spruced it up a little? The pansy they put in has been blooming all summer. Grand blessings. Well have to run just catching up at work. My computer is still on the blitz.


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