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Thursday, July 18, 2013


 Yes Brenda, Ladybug Dreams, I got all of the gourds hung up!
 I've been trying to think of ways to put color into the bee yard.
And add color to my life, especially in the winter months.
 When the leaves are off of all the trees, we'll have colorful gourds to fill in the blanks!

 And the birds will have a place to live.  Wrens seem to love these houses.
 Thing is....for the last two days, when I go to the bee yard, something has taken a gourd out of the tree every night/day.  I know, because they leave it on the ground under the tree. And we've had no wind.  I'm thinking it's a raccoon.
 And blogettes, I've about HAD IT WITH RACCOONS!  You know when it's in red caps, I'm serious.
 When they aren't invading our house, they are invading the bee yard.  Time for action.
OK...Back to color...I like it.  I especially like it in the winter when everything around here is brown and boring.  I am going to add a bottle tree and paint the beehives different colors too.  After I get Coral Belle moved out there.  I'm hoping to start working on her this weekend!

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh Cindy they look beautiful. Darn coons:) Hugs B

  2. Love your color! Brilliant idea and execution! I've been having raccoon problems too. One keeps taking a bird feeder down!

  3. Cindy,what if the thief IS A BEAR?!
    Need me to come round and sing?
    Jane x

    1. I do Jane. And if it is a bear, I'll be running too! You'll be singing solo in the bee yard!!!

  4. Wrens do love them...we have several!...:)JP

  5. Cindy, Will those raccoons get into the hives??I like all the colorful birdhouses. So cute. I just saw a darn chipmunk in our yard today...they are cute , but so destructive. He's gotta to go. Time for the live trap.xoxo,Susie

  6. Wow, these are lovely bird house !!!
    I was wondering when I first saw that one...., but now i know the purpose for bird house !!!
    They look so cute !!! (^.^)v"""


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