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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day One Continued...

Journal Entry continued, May 10, 2012
We walked to the Museo Nazionale Di Castle Sant' Angelo.
I cannot stop taking pictures of the architecture. The wood, the bricks, the mortar, the paintings, the marble, the statues...if they could talk!
Theresa and I went all the way to the top of the castle. Mom and Dad waited on us
After the castle we walked forever trying to find Piazza Navona. It's supposed to be a happening place, but we never found it. We did find a place to eat and had a wonderful dinner which included bread, brushetta, spaghetti with bacon and cheese, an espresso and biscotti for $8.00! We ordered 1/2 litre of red wine for $5.50. Everyone eats outside here. I love it. I still cannot stop taking pictures of the cobblestone streets, the architecgture, etc. Except for the fast driving, everything else is slow here. So, after eating we continued the hunt for the piazza and did some shopping. We finally decided it was time to come home (to hotel). Well we did real well until...we got lost. Finally, I asked a bus driver who was taking a break how do we get to Star Michelangelo hotel. "You have to take.....ummmmmm.....ramp....ummmmm.....tunnelll..."Well we were afraid to take tunnel. Too dark (it was 8:00 pm) no sidewalks and we didn't know the area. We. are. in. another. country! So we backtracked. Dad and Mom are exhausted and hurting. But finally, at 9:00 pm, we arrive back at our hotel. We all went to the bar for a glass of vino and we are now going to bed. Buenos Aires, I think!
after a few minutes
Oh my Gosh I just discovered something I have to tell Dave. They have a bathroom light switch right beside the bed. you don't have to get out of bed to turn the bathroom light on.

People we encountered on the way to the castle.

Pictures inside the castle

This is supposed to be the most beautiful bridge in the world. It was beautiful to us, because we always knew if we could find it, we could find our way back to our hotel! You'll see several pictures of it. I think we were on it daily.

Mother, Put those down! tsk tsk, they act like children!

I love the color of this door!

Views from the top of the castle

Cindy & Theresa at the top

We discovered a restaurant on the top floor, but Mom & Dad were at the bottom!

So we started back down.

And headed to the other side of the bridge.

Some of the streets of Rome


 was a looong, hot, two days with only two hours of sleep.

'Cept for Dad, who'd grab a wink here and there!

A Piazza we did find, but not Navona.

End of day one.


(not sure about how this is going to turn out. I'm having problems with blogger and my font choices are gone. We'll see....)


  1. Awesome Cindy girl !!! I felt so sorry for your dad getting a wee nap at the table. Pitiful:( I know you are loving it. Smiles , Susie

  2. Sounds like you had fun though! Enjoy!

  3. Lovely photos ... takes me right back there.

  4. WOW I am so jealous the architecture would have me drooling. Your parents are so darn cute I love the sleeping Dad pic.
    I love seeing your photos and taking this trip with you via blogger. :) B

  5. Your photos are fabulous! Thank you for sharing with us. It is a great way to travel. My favorite bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge. I love walking over it at dusk.
    Safe travels to you, I have missed your comments on my blog, good to see you are alive and well and BUSY.

  6. Love all the statuary! That was my favorite part of my Savannah trip so I know I would be swooning if I were in your shoes. Thanks for sharing and you dad taking a snooze gave me the giggles.

  7. love the pics....still

  8. What a wonderful trip! Your photos are amazing and I know that you had a wonderful time on your trip. I have never been abroad but it is high on my list. Your photos really captured some wonderful memories. Lake house is ready......come on down!

  9. enjoying your trip comments and pics::;what a great way to share them;
    can't wait for more:::
    glad you all had a great time and all went well and returned back safely and healthly
    the cuzin


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