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Friday, May 4, 2012

TA DAH Moment and other fun stuff!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKIE!!!! My Shug and I called her this morning at 5:30 and sang a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday on her cell phone.

And now for my first FINISHED PROJECT!!!!

Winston sacrificed the blankey long enough for me to put a border on it!


It fits the bed.

I've probably got just enough yarn left to make a pillow or two.

So I'm working on pillows.

Then I'm going to get started on another blanket and get it done!

It feels good to finish something.

On the Italy trip.....5 day countdown!!!!!!

Getting excited!

I bought a new purse for the trip.

I had to.

This one is small, yet it holds everything. The wallet is part of the purse.
Lots of zippers, cross body strap, nice leather, my phone and camera both fit in it.

Perfect, I say, for Italy.

I've got my clothes packed for the first time. Now I need to go through them and take out about half of what I packed.

I'm working on my carry-on bag. I printed some fun crochet patterns. And I'm trying to decide...should I take the cheap yarn on the plane and just do piddly stuff and dishcloths and such, or should I take the more expensive cotton yarn and do dishcloths and piddly stuff and such. So the question is, cheap cotton yarn or a better quality cotton yarn? Decisions decisions.

I'm visualizing teaching people on the plane how to crochet. Well, we're going to be together for 8 hours....plenty of time to learn to crochet.

And FYI My Sister booked a ghost tour. Starts at 9:30 PM in Rome. It's called Dark Rome...kinda like Dark Shadows......I wonder if she told our parents yet? Probably not.

I wonder if she booked our room for the last night yet. Probably not.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh you must be so is going to be WONDERFUL!...:)JP

  2. Oh I am as excited as you are to go to Italy. Oh whoops I am not going:(
    I love the purse don't pack to much I always pack to much. Fun fun fun, Hug B

  3. Your blanket looks so snug and so pretty on your bed :) Have a wonderful holiday xx

  4. I never take small projects on a plane - because you can't take scissors on board, you can't easily change colours or finish off ends. So I always take something larger (for a long trip) that won't require any cutting!!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip ... you know Italy is one of the best places on earth to buy leather bags (leather anything really!); you'll almost have to buy yourself at least on more bag over there!

  5. OMG! How exciting for you. Enjoy your trip of a lifetime. Love the purse. Your beautiful blanket... PRICELESS!

  6. It Looks Great Cindy... I love the edging... Remember to roll your clothes and have the time of your life... Journal every moment...

  7. love the blanket...I am excited to hear your stories from Italy...
    I hope you run into the pope...

  8. Sister!! I will call mom and dad right now and book our room:). Gezzzz!

  9. Cindy Bee, your blanket is lovely.
    Lovely yarn or why bother? right?
    OMG....I can't wait for your stories of Italy! Take LOTS of pix....

    Ghost tour sounds like a great idea.....oohhhhh scrayy :)

    Keep packing and get ready!

  10. It looks AMAZING, amazing, amazing!! I love it so much Cindy and well done for finishing a project. Woot! Now, I must take a leaf out of your book and stay focused - no more new projects!
    Mel x

  11. Fiona - I MIGHT have to buy something leather? Ummm, I probably WILL have to buy something leather!

    KR - My goodness...two comments on my blog now. You are almost not a blog stalker anymore!

    As for the trip, I have listened to all of your advice...thanks for the e-mail Julie, got my Xanax ready! I am packing, I have a journal ready, I will take tons of pics, and I hope I run into the Pope too RJ!

    Mel - FOCUS!

    Thanks for the comments everyone.
    Cindy Bee

  12. Sister - Get that reservation made! If they know we don't have a place to stay they will overcharge us. THey'll say....Oh they NEED a place to stay...we'll charge them more because they are without a room.

  13. Cindy, what a pretty can take a bow. You did a fabulous job on it. It looks soft too. You'll have to blog while you are we can feel like part of your trip. Smiles, xoxo, Susie


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