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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 3, continued...

Journal Entry, May 12, 2012 (continued)
We came back, cleaned up, and went to the Trevi


People just hang out at Piazza Di Trevi.

and enjoy the Trevi Fountain.

Live everything else in Rome, it's old, huge, and beautiful.

Umm too bad the people that took these pictures didn't get more of the fountain and less of the building behind us. (sigh) Oh well...part of it was where we were standing when we had it taken. But it was so crowded with people we could barely squeeze in at this point to have our picture taken at all.

My Sister said if you throw a coin in the fountain then it means you'll come back some day. WOOHOO!

More photos on the other side of the fountain! We just could not get in front of it.

See why? Look how crowded...

See this lady begging in front of this church. This happens all over Rome. And someone is probably going to chastise me for putting this on here. But here's the thing. I bought this little I 'heart' Roma bracelet from this street vendor. Street vendors are everywhere too. And I walked back to put the change from the 5 euro (I think it was 2 or 3 Euro) into this woman's can. And when I did, I looked down and under her skirt was a FULL BAG of MONEY she was counting! She only had a few Euro in her can, but that bag was full. And I walk a few feet from her and there sits a boy, or young man, with his huge clubbed feet in full view, begging. I feel sorry for them, but she probably had more money than I did. And I guess, in a way, she has chosen begging as her profession. Her job, if you will. So I guess she was doing her job, begging, and I fell for her broke and homeless scheme.

This church was at the Piazza. We went inside, and Mom lit a candle in memory of some loved ones. It brought a lump in my throat. She has lost a lot of friends in the last few years.

Sorry the pics are blurry. I didn't want to use my flash and it was dark inside.

So this is the vendor I bought the I heart Roma bracelet from. I said, "Can you tell us what direction we need to go to find Piazza Navona?" He pointed in the direction. I said, "Are you sure? That doesn't feel right?" (Like I would know...) He holds out his hands palms up and shakes them, and in his Italian accent says, "What? Why would I jerk you? I have no reason to lie, but follow your heart if you want." I told him I was taking his picture and if we didn't find it I would come back and have him take us there.

So bye bye Trevi we go in search of Piazza Navona....again.

Continued later...



  1. Hope you found Piazza Navona in the end! And did you get to the Pantheon?

  2. of course just the random guy that you asked directions from ...would have to say something deep , dramatic, and poetic....

  3. Fiona - By the time we got to the Pantheon, it was closed. But we were a little tired of all the tours and museums and churches at that point, so we decided we'd save it for next time.

    RJ - Do you think they do that on purpose? I think they do.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Love that fountain. You are a awesome tour guide. I am going to take a nap and get ready for tomorrows tour :)

  5. The fountain is beautiful. Another of my favorite things to see when on a trip. Thanks again, I am enjoying your picture tour!

  6. Have enjoyed and reading your comments on the vacation:::and glad you are putting them on here each day or so:::that way can enjoy them longer.
    Glad you are not there during the earthquakes though:::
    Looks like you all enjoyed the trip and had a good time;::super duper
    the cuzin gloria

  7. Cindy Bee,
    Our Guide told us that the Ladies who beg are NOT Italian... The Widows are taken care of and held in high regard... and we were in two deli's when an older lady came in and the owner took her order and seated her first... That's when our guide told us about "The Gypsies"... I loved how they showed respect for older people...


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