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Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 3 continued

Journal Entry continued, May 12, 2012

We hung out there for awhile then went to Piazza Navona. I loved every minute of this evening. If I were to come back I could skip all the tourist stuff and hang out at the piazzas. Did I mention last night that we had to climb over the Vatican gate to get out? The locked us in! We cut through there every evening to get to our hotel.We are talking of going to church there tomorrow so I need to sleep.
Good Nite
Buenos Noches?
P.S. We ate at the Piazza Navona and had a lovely meal.

We are on our way to Piazza Navona. There are street vendors, stores, and shops in every street and alley. As I said before, if you have a garage door you have a business.

I love Rome! And this is a Wednesday night! Imagine the weekend.

Sorry pics are blurry. As I said, I walked around with my arm in the air holding my camera the whole time. I couldn't stop at every entrance or I would have gotten left behind. So I had to take pics on the run (walk). And if you think I'm posting a lot of pics, you should see how many I didn't post! Oh my.

A market (or grocery store as we call them)

YEEAAA! We are heading in the right direction!

More cool stuff along the way to Piazza Navona.

Notice they don't have yards. This stuff is grown in pots!

A real person.

Is Dad contemplating eating at McDonalds, or is he wondering what those nuns are up to? (sorry Dad, we are not eating at McDonalds!) We are on our way to Piazza Navona.

Will we ever get there?

I couldn't figure out why Pinocchio stuff was everywhere in Italy. My Sister looks at me and says, "Gepetto was Italian." Oh yeah! I forgot.

More garage door shops. See the doors to the left in this picture by the people eating. Those open up and you have a business, or a restaurant. I imagine the owners live above them.

Poor guy was tired.....Come to think of it....I hope he was just sleeping....No one even checked!

We found the Pantheon! But it was closed....It's evening remember. And this point we had visited the coliseum, the ruins, went back to the hotel, Mom and Dad rested up while Theresa and I went to the Vatican it had been a long day. We'll save the Pantheon tour for our next trip.

We asked Pa to take our picture in front of the Pantheon....

No Pa....Get the columns in the background....Take another......(jeeeeeesh)

Like This Pa.

{sigh} Oh well......We must carry on...

Something must have grabbed Theresa's attention to stop and take a pic!

Isn't this cute? Rome is so romantic.

GASP! Finally....I think we found it!

A huge Piazza with tons of restaurants and artists selling their wares in the center of it all.

And people dancing and singing too.

And of

It was a grand evening. It's our last night in Rome and I hate to leave. Did I mention I 'heart' Roma? {sigh} I do.



  1. Well, you threw your coin into the Trevi fountain, so you will go back some day!! I don't think anyone could ever get tired of visiting Rome and you certainly tried to fit in a lot especially considering you must still have been jet-lagged (I'm always worse travelling east).

    Looking forward to seeing the other stops on your Italian trip!

  2. Cindy, Too much to see in such a short time. I loved the picture of your mom and dad holding hands. It will all be a beautiful memory for you and your family. Smiles, Susie

  3. It's like living in a dream world, Cindy! Remember...memories are photographs taken by the mind!...:)JP

  4. Because of you,I want to go to Rome. Question? What are those lovely purple flowers growing in pots?? Do you have a close up of them? If so please post it...Thanks

  5. I missed this post somehow. I think I would love Rome also...Just not the flight to get there. Cannot believe how those flowers grow just from a pot. Beautiful.


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