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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take time out for YOU!

OK - I gotta tell you all about my day yesterday.
I was trying to get a lot done, fast, because I wanted to go to the crocheted hat class I signed up to take. Keep the 'fast' part in mind while reading.

First stop on the agenda.....License Bureau. Which is usually not a good experience, no matter what, but I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

If you don't remember my experience with them last year, you can click HERE.

So yesterday I went to the License Bureau to get my driver's license renewed. It expires Saturday.
I wanted our new house address on my license if possible. I was told by someone that I'd need two pieces of mail with my new address on it, addressed to me. I went through a manilla envelope full of paid receipts and I could only find one thing with MY name and new address on it. I took it, walked in to license bureau and didn't even have to wait, which was a good sign.

When the clerk, we'll call Juan, asked if anything changed I said, "I am in the process of moving." I handed Juan our electric bill with the new address on it.
hmmm... It looked like Juan was going to change
Juan, "you need two pieces of mail with the address change on it."
Me, "I don't have two pieces. We aren't moved yet. We are in the process of moving so most mail is still coming to our residence in town."
Juan, "I can't do it then."
Me, "Ok, just go ahead and use this address, as I point to the old drivers licence."

and here's where the day started going to hell.....

Juan,"I can't do that."
Me, just looking at Juan a bit perplexed..."you can't use the old address?"
Juan, "nope. Once you've told me you're moving, I can't use the old address."
Me, "We aren't moved yet, we are in...the....process....of....moving. Legally, we own both places and I'm ok with either address. If you can't use the old one, just use the new one."
Juan, "I can't. You need two pieces of mail with the new address on it. You'll need to go get something else with the new address on it."

I looked around to see if there were hidden cameras somewhere. Maybe I'm on 'punked' or 'candid camera' or something....Because basically Juan was saying I ain't gettin' a drivers license...period. The lady at the clerk beside me looked at me and said something like, "it's always like this here..."

I gave Juan 'the look' and said, "Juan...I'm not leaving and coming back, so you'll need to use an address of some sort."
Juan, "I can't."
Me, "then go get someone else for me to talk to. Because"
Juan went and talked to another person. That person walks up and asks, "Where are you living right now?"
I point to the drivers license and said, "Here."
Then she says to Juan, "Use this address."
...simple really...
I'm tired. I did not sleep well the night before, I never sleep well, ever. Not since this peri-menopausal body took over my life. Plus, I've been busy, and emotional, and I just want my damned drivers license.

Juan then says, "step over here, read the lines in this machine so I can check your eyes, then step up to the blue screen for your picture."
I obediently do what I'm told.
Juan, "Put your hair behind your ears."
"Pull your hair away from your eyebrows. I can't have any hair on your face. Now stand still...."
I'm pretty sure Juan is just trying to piss me off at this point.
I look like a convict in my picture!
Then we go back to the desk area and I sign "here" and "here" and "here" and Juan says "you have 60 days to come in and change your address after you move. "
"Seriously, I'm not coming back."
"You better or you will get fined $160.00 if you get caught."
I conjure up my best cowgirl drawl and say......See ya in six years...Juan.

Then I stopped at McDonalds for some lunch. In the last couple of months we've been eating out way too much. I don't even care for fast food anymore, but I'm in a hurry, we have no hot water at our new house, and I'm on my way out there to finish extracting honey.
I ordered the Daily Double meal from the nice lady standing outside taking orders.
I paid.
And they handed me my tea and asked me to pull over and wait....for my fast food.
And I nicely pulled over. Opened my straw and took a sip of tea. The tea was very sweet. blechh.
So when they brought me my food, I said, "This tea is sweet and I ordered unsweet."
No problem. He went and got me some regular tea.
And before you get going on that....I like sweet tea, made with honey or REAL sugar, but whatever they use at these fast food restaurants is not honey or real sugar.
So, I was heading to the 'big box store' in town and opened my sandwich.
Not even a daily double.
For real.
W.h.a.t.e.v.a.h. I ate it.

But this is a good time to bring up this point. Here are pics of the packs of fries that I've gotten in the last month. These were right out of the sack. I'm not kidding.

The one above was right after I got back from Italy. Did someone forget to tell me we have a potato famine in our country now?

My Shug and I were splitting this big box....really....I wasn't going to eat it all by myself!
But can you tell what these boxes have in common?
Fill those boxes up DAMMIT!
OK, so I go to the big box store, I finish my lunch in the parking lot, and I was going in for some baggies and a box of canning jars.
I went to get a's stuck to the other carts.
I try the next row of carts...pull luck.
Next and final luck....I look one to help me and no one standing around laughing at me because I look like an idiot trying to pull those carts apart. Do you ever feel like someone is doing these things on purpose?
I decide I'll get a basket and just carry the canning jars.
I get the basket, get the baggies, throw in a couple of other items.....and go to get the jars...

I couldn't even climb on the shelves below them.....

I took a picture because I knew no one would believe me.

Then I went to our farm and finish extracting honey....because I AM GOING TO THAT CROCHET HAT CLASS COME HELL OR HIGH WATER!

I was running late....but I called the Groovy Girl and she said it would be fine.

As it turned out, I was right on time.

Skipped cooking dinner......again.

I grabbed a box of goldfish crackers and told everyone at the class I brought dinner! Put them on the table and we began crocheting our hats. And this is probably one of those things that you just had to be there.....

But see this lady.....we'll call her K.

Well K used chunky yarn and an alpalca/wool blend. And she was going to get her hat done that night. And she doesn't care for Matthew MConahey btw. I know... weird.

Anyway K was working fast and furious to get her hat finished.

And I'm sitting beside her.

And she was all worked up because the brim of the hat is very hard to do. Our teacher warned us these hats are not for the weak.

And all of a sudden I hear K saying......kind of a mumbling ......

"oooooooohhhhh nooooooo.....oooohhhhh laaaawwwwdeeeeee.....laaawwwdeeee.....lawwwdeeeeee." and I look up from my crocheting to see her back to me, her arm in the air, and in her hand is a broken piece of yarn......torn...from....her....hat.

Now for you crocheters and knitters, you know this could be disasterous.

This broken piece of yarn came right off of her hat. She was pulling hard for some reason. I'm not to that part of the pattern yet, so I don't know why she was doing it, but I think it had to do with the brim.

All I know is I'm stifling a laugh.....

Why would I even laugh at this?

And I hear it again.....

"oooooh lawwwdeeee.....laaawdeeeeee......laaawdeeeeeee." Very serious voice.

And I started to giggle out loud......


And I busted out laughing.

I had tears rolling down my face.

Beth, who is the Granny Bee btw, said, "Cindy brrreeeaaaathe."

(this is Beth with her hat. I think they look like acorn tops at this point, and I was laughing about that too)

I could not stop laughing.
K, the broken yarn anti-Matthew lady said, in a very serious voice "Oh Cindy you're just tired."

I had to put my crocheting down and stand up to stretch out my stomach muscles from laughing so much.

Peeps - when you are having a crappy day.....I don't care how busy you are.....





And here's what happened......the Groovy Girl teacher darned K's, it turned out perfect ('cept she thinks she looks like Elmer Fudd in it - which got me started all over again!) and

I slept through the entire night.

I did not even wake up one all....not even to pee!



Cindy Bee


  1. Honestly Cindy, I could feel my ire as I read about the dang license branch deal. GAAAAA wth is wrong with this country?? Why can't things stay simple, why do people have to make out lifes so darn hard??? I just want to scream with you. Let's get together and create a chorus of women screaming out tunes for the whole dang world to hear. :):) smiles to you, Susie
    p.s. come the french flea market at horton's on July the 13/14th.

  2. OMG girl, I have tears running down my face and my stomach hurts soooooo bad.LAWDEEEEEEE. I can't quit laughing. Thank you. I needed that. You had a craptastic day and the end was the best. (If I was you I would have killed Juan. I hate the DMV)

  3. Oh Cindy, You have me laughing all over again... It was very fun! and you are right... no matter how busy you are, take time out and do something fun for you!!! Laawrrrdy!

  4. Oh Ma Lawwwdeeeee I am DYIiiiiiNG!
    What a frickfracking day, I lOvE it!!

  5. Great post Cindy! Did you finish your hat? I do not like the license bureau, I think they have to take a mean test to get a job there.

  6. Oh LAWDEEEEE my sides hurt!

    I'm sorry your day was so rough but have to thank you for the laugh.

    Be glad you aren't adopted; I went with a friend to the local licence branch when she was trying to get her licence changed over from another state. Having to take the test wasn't bad but after, when they had her old licence in hand and were SO not giving it up, they discovered she had been adopted. (Long story short, her mother died of cancer when she was 4 and she was adopted by a family member who had a different last name.)

    Not only would they not give her old licence back, they refused to give her another licence until she had official documentation from both her state of birth AND the state she was adopted in, which took weeks, and even then her licence was issued with BOTH last names on it. OI!

  7. uhhh...i did read it this time, Bee.
    Those fries piss me off.....
    The class was fun...thankgod you have a nice teacher


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