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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little bit of this and that....

Peeps, I'm tellin' ya now....If I had to live my life this busy all the time, I wouldn't want to live it. Here's what I've been up to....
I've been helping my Mother-in-Law go through her stuff. She has permanently moved into Assisted Living. We meet for two to three hours, a week at a time.
We make piles.
Piles of things she doesn't want to throw out, nor does she want anymore.
Such as all of these craft books.

And these craft get the idea. LOTS of craft books. I totally get this. I have TONS of craft books. Now I have TONS more. Some are vintage enough that they are coming back in style.

Then there is stuff like this. Her husband's high school diploma. I gave it to my Shug, since it was his Dad. What do you do with stuff like this?

Then there are things that she needed burnt or shredded. We even found the deed to a house that she lived in, three houses ago. The one my Shug grew up in.
Lots of old pairs of perscription glasses. Who can I donate them to?
And these....

Too bad they are bent and crooked and messed up. I think they could be cool, in a retro kind of way. Couldn't they?
That in and of itself has been emotional draining, and exhausting. And I'm doing it to help my Shug out. It's his Mom but he needs to be working on our house. We are getting so close to moving in.
I will admit, the first time the Assisted Living bus came and picked her up, she got in, sat down, and waved good-bye.
I stood in the yard, alone, and cried.
She broke her hip last November and hasn't been home since. She will never be home again. And she is having a hard time creating a new home.

Soooo, on to happier stuff.

I took a class a couple of weeks ago at Groovy Girl Yarn on making these handwarmers. I know, I've made them before, but I always had trouble with the thumb hole. See it there...the thumb....sticking up? I like these because they actually have a thumb.

And I've been going through all of my yarn and material setting up my craft room, and I've decided.....I'm getting rid of a lot of it.....but some of it, I'm making more handwarmers and other such stuff to either sell at Granny Bee Christmas open house, or to use as gifts. Depending on how many I finish.

What do you think?

And I've been extracting honey.

I've put in 8 hours a day for several days going through bee hives, pulling frames and extracting honey.

I don't even bother with make-up because I suit up and work in the hot sun lifting heavy frames and hives hoping I don't get stung. I sweat profusely doing this.

When you keep bees you don't have a choice when to extract honey. When the hives are crowded, the supers are full of honey, and the sun is shining, and it's hot out, you extract honey.

I'm not complaining.

I now wear boots.

No more ankle stings.

Then I do get a small break while I wait for honey to drip.

I left my Sister a message and told her I was watching honey drip, which is like watching paint dry, (check the house blog, I watched paint dry last week) or watching grass grow. B O R I N G!

But then, she calls me back with a different perspective on watching paint dry. She says that she is actually watching paint dry and enjoying it! She explained she has a magazine in one hand, a drink in the other, and she is waiting for her 4th of July toes to dry from the pedicure she just got! Maybe she'll send us a picture.

She also went on to say that apparently I am not having the kind of day she is having.

Ummm, apparently not.

The fruit of my labor....and of the bees labor.

A blogger friend, Buttons ,left a comment the other day that a neighbor of hers quit keeping bees because the bears wouldn't leave the hives alone! OMG! I am petrified of bears. I have nightmares about bears! Who knows why, I live in Indiana, we don't have bears. But if we did, I wouldn't be a beekeeper either!

What we do have in Indiana is a draught. A very serious draught.

We have had very little rain for the last two months. Like, less than an inch.

The grass breaks if you walk on it.

Almost all of the counties in Indiana have a burn ban.

Farmers are losing their crops.

One blogger friend, Angela from the Country Cellar said someone she knows is selling his cattle already because he knows his hay crop won't be large enough to feed them through the winter.

We need rain bad.

And just this morning on the news they said they might cancel the fireworks show at Conner Prairie this year because they are afraid the prairie grass will catch fire.

I love the Conner Prairie July 4th show. I bought these bags to carry my food and drink in.

I bought some fun stuff for our 'area' at the show.

I LOVE fireworks,

I love July 4th,

and I enjoy all of the celebrations.

PRAY FOR RAIN for Indiana, so we can have fireworks and farms and fields and fun!

Cindy Bee

PS - I AM taking a break tonight and taking a crochet class at Groovy Girl Yarn. Crocheted Newsboy Cap. I think it'll be fun! It's not too late to sign up if you know how to crochet.


  1. Wow, definitely keeping busy there! Glad you're taking a break tonight, you deserve it =)

    Oh! Do you pasteurise your honey? Do you sell it??

  2. Oh that moving and sorting memories thing is very very hard I do not envy you.Hug.
    I love watching paint dry it takes your mind off running running and running yep it is that crazy around here I truly want to watch paint dry especially in my living room.
    No bears in Indiana wow I did not know that. I am not afraid of bears I think but I have never met one back in the bush yet and hope not to.
    I do hope you get rain soon it seems to be hitting us and missing all around. Strange weather. Have fun in class. :) B

  3. Hey Bee did you notice my crazy bug hat yep the bugs and ticks are out but I had to go.:) B

  4. I can try sending you some of our rain - it's supposed to be summer and it just doesn't feel like it. We get a little bit of sun and then it's back to cold, wet, blowy days.

    I'm so glad I'm not as busy as you are! There are tons of places to donate those prescription specs - just Google it and you'll get a long list. Hope things calm down for you soon :-)

  5. Blether - I do sell my honey. I do not pastuerize it. I took it out of the hive yesterday, uncapped it and extracted it and bottled it...the same day. It's raw, right from the hive. I sell it to people I know, I don't have a business, and it's first come first serve.

    Buttons - I did notice the hat but didn't know what it was for. Good idea! And listen. Be afraid of bears. Be very afraid.

    Fiona - I don't like being this busy at all. I think it will slow down when we get moved into the basement of the house we are building and get our house that we are living in up for sale. I have high hopes.

    Cindy Bee

  6. We need rain too. Lots of it. Only not so much that we flood. Just enough so that the farmers can get their seed in.

    I like your hanwarmers. I also love going through family staff, so I would love helping out your MIL. Only I would never let anything go so that would be useless.

  7. Sorry about the lack of rain, I wish I could send you some of ours. We have had nothing but rain for the last week.
    I know JUST what you're going through going through the stuff... I have been doing it for the last four years. Nobody in the family wants you to get rid of anything, but nobody wants it either.
    Whats a girls to do?
    Have a drink and watch some honey drip I suppose :)

  8. hey few ideas::::the eyeglasses:::many places take them for recycling for other people:::try an eye doctor
    the Paper Work you have found is great stuff to put in a book and save for Genealogy purposes::honest. someone decides to do Dave's family research it will help alot for information:::::::other stuff:::welll guess it is garage sale or give away to the "unfortunate" (sure you know that)
    sure it is hard to give stuff away but just gotta do it::::
    cuzin gloria


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