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Saturday, February 8, 2014


I had these pics downloaded on Tuesday, but didn't have a chance to put words to them until now.  Above was what was expected on Tuesday.  The blue is snow.  I live at the right hand edge of that blue, where the green pin is, and it was moving towards us.  From Indiana, almost to Colorado.   I had plans that morning, so I got up and moving very early.  I also had lunch plans that day and had to do a bit of shopping.
Then it hit me and I got all excited inside.  I'm going to do some FUN shopping!  When is the last time I've shopped for NO reason..... See that bird picture above.  It's on the front of a bag that was on clearance.
So I bought it!  As a matter of fact, I bought nothing but FUN!  I actually felt a tinge of excitement inside.  And I was even more excited that everything was on sale, cheap, or on clearance!  These silicone baking/freezing molds are going to be used at Easter time.
Cargo make-up.  Never used it before but they were selling out and it was half-price of the sale price at Ulta!

Smash books. Clearance 5.99 for medium sized and 7.99 for LARGE size!  I've never even used the other ones I've bought, but maybe I will after the Beekeeping Class I'm teaching and the Winter Woolen Workshop. I mean...winter is barely here.
Gourmet Pasta sauce on sale 2.99.  HUGE bottle of Olive oil, 9.99!

oh....yeah.....Somerset Life was not on sale, but I knew I was going to be inside a couple of days, and I don't buy a lot of them, and this one is very inspiring.  Ok did I justify that expense or not?
I know shopping seems so shallow to make oneself feel good.  But dog-gone-it sometimes you just gotta do it.
  But then, the snow started coming down....I hurried home and the roads were already slick.  My Shug couldn't make it up the drive way.  As a matter of fact, his truck ended up stuck right there all night.  The next day we pulled it out with the tractor. 

And he shoveled more snow....
with the tractor...
to be continued.......maybe even later today.   I have a day at home....and a lot to do....but if I get a chance I have more pics to show you.  I know, right!  Me, Pics? 

Cindy Bee


  1. LOVE LOVE the bag and the shopping not so much the snow getting stuck and more snow on the way:) Have fun. Hug B

  2. Spur-of-the-moment fun shopping IS exciting. I totally understand.

  3. Cindy, At least you had some fun some nice things. I see you have plenty of snow...gaaa so do we !! I am so ready to just see the ground instead of snow. I am going to be thinking "Spring" just to survive. Take care, let's pray we do not get floods once this stuff starts thawing. xoxo,Susie

  4. I sure like that bag! Fun shopping day, my favorite kind.
    I don't get many of those so it does make a difference.

  5. Fun shopping is wonderful and we need to do more often! Your hubs got stuck too but at least your have a tractor!! If I were rich I would get one...the Pres would love it!...:)JP


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