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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm all happy about flowers and yarn bowls!

OK peeps, remember a few posts back when I was all happy like?  I decided to do 100 days of happy! Well it's working! 
 I'm looking for happy stuff.
I'm not even upset that we are getting 4-10 more inches of snow.
And not that I HAVE to buy something to be happy.  But when I was getting groceries yesterday, I found these flowers on sale, 
Manager's special, $4.99!!!
They were so pretty I got a bouquet for my Mom too!
 There were enough flowers to fill four vases.


But stop I must, because I need to show you some
Last Tuesday we painted these yarn bowls and really had no idea how they would turn out.

 Well, they are lovely, don't you think?

This is how they work.'s the inside of it. 
 I am making my Shug a brown scarf.
 He asked me to make him a brown scarf
 to match his brown coat.
 Which I find odd....
 because when I came home with this picture...that I painted...
he informed me that he does not like brown.  (ahem....he also asked me why I painted a coffee cup with holes in it!  For real.)

So....did I tell you we are in the midst of another snow storm?  I did...well guess what.....I'm ok with it.  I really am.

Oh...and I updated the  house blog!

Cindy Bee


  1. What a great idea the yarn bowls are, the kidling would LOVE something like that! Yuppers, she's a knitter too, guess that gene skipped me or something.

  2. Gorgeous flowers, brilliant bargain. Now you have explained the yarn bowls I totally understand what a brilliant idea they are. I have never seen them this side of the pond. I love the colours you have used and the inside of your bowl. Philippa xx

  3. Snowing here too (again)...but seeing those flowers had brightened my day!
    Jane x

  4. Those flowers are so lovely, I'm almost tempted to trudge through the snow to the store to get some for myself .... Almost!

  5. I am loving those bowls. And there are holes for the needles? How cool is that?! I might knit more instead of crocheting if I had one of those bowls. Going to call around the paint yourself place in the Grand Rapids area to see if anyone has these. So cool.

  6. Oh my 100 days...dropped off a couple of days ago. Not sure where my happy is yet lately.


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