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Monday, February 17, 2014

Last week....

So this post is another catch-up post.  Last week was nice, but a bit too busy for my taste.  I was scheduled to teach a beekeeping class back in January.  It was postponed due to a blizzard.  The reschedule date was last week, Tuesday evening.  I was to speak for an hour, and guess what.  I came down with a horrible cold.  So I stood in front of 35-40 people with a box of tissues, a glass of tea, and some mints in case I went into a coughing fit.  As luck would have it, I did fine!  I like this book.  It is full of nice pictures and interesting bee keeping information.  Although, the best place for information is to join a beekeeping association in YOUR own area. Beekeeping is different in your area, then it would be in mind.   However, if you ever have questions you want me to answer about bees, just ask.

And look what my Shug got me for Valentines Day!
  I love it!  I love Cottage Style and this just screams cottage!
 I sent my young nieces some Valentines fun in the mail!

  On Saturday we had another WOOL SCRAP SATURDAY!  
It was Groovy Girl's birthday.
  So we had cake, chips, chocolate, and a little ham and cheese platter.
  And everyone had fun!!!!  Including Groovy Girl!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

 Groovy Girl Yarn store was a packed house, but I think everyone had fun.
 Here are some pics....

 Grandmothers brought their granddaughters to make a cupcake or a flower.
 And everyone was proud of their work!

One of my nieces.

   All the chairs were full so some people sat on the couch and worked on their laps.  But they still had fun.

 That was my week peeps.....and I'm over the head cold now....for the most part....and I'm preparing for the WINTER WOOLEN WORKSHOP! 
I'll be talking about it all week. 
Come by and visit.  I'll be right here.....
 In this old mansion....having a blast with a bunch of like-minded women, all weekend long.  I will be posting pictures of things I'm making and planning to take.
 Like these price tags and "business" cards, even though I don't have a business.
And this bee lady is almost ready to go too!
And if you made it this far in the post, I will let you in on a secret....
I haven't shaved my legs in a week!!!!

Cindy Bee
PS - The post before this one about the Cozy Snow....well sorry, but I just had to get the snow crap off of my chest.  I posted it at the same time as this one, so you wouldn't see the wicked witch side of me.  Knowing some of you'll probably like that side better!  And others of you will agree with me!


  1. Wow after that snow post I needed some fun times :) Love the mixer. Looks like all had a good time and I love your labels. Hug B

    1. Hey Buttons...sorry about the snow post. Didn't mean to bum you out, but after hearing we were getting another storm yesterday, I had to get it out! Glad this post helped!

      Cindy Bee

  2. What a lovely idea to have a workshop across the generations. I can see everyone had fun. Philippa xx

  3. You will love that Kitchen Aid...I love mine!...:)JP

  4. Cindy, Everyone looks pretty happy in the photos. Glad you are having winter fun. Yes , I am ready for Spring. Glad you made it to Horton's sale. I wanted to go...but just didn't get out. Today , things are thawing...we lost power for an hour..can you believe it Ready for the snow to just be gone. blessings,.xoxo,Susie

  5. Enjoy your woolly workshop ... and that gorgeous mixer!

  6. I had so much fun ....your class was great Bee

  7. Oh, I love that robin's egg blue Kitchen Aid!!! Makes my plain ole white one look sad. :( You're gonna love having it and using it.

  8. Hi Cindy, Your mixer is wonderful . . . love the color. I have one that is around 15 years old and it still works great. Kitchen Aide makes a very nice machine :) I like your color better . . . Steve picked ours and it is emerald green. He was a huge fan of Emeril on the food network when we bought it, and that was the color he had, LOL. You are going to love how good it kneads bread.
    Have a marvelous weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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