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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas Morning I got up to a quiet house.  I cleaned up the mess from Christmas Eve before I went to bed.  I turned on the tree lights, had coffee, and coffee cake, (that my sister left for me as a treat), and I read a Christmas novel.  I love special moments like this. 
That quiet time didn't last long, however because we had Christmas Day to attend at my Sister and Brother-in-Law's house.  And this year our entire family was going to be in attendance!

Dixie and I had a little quiet snuggly time too!
So, after Dixie, my Shug, and I all opened our presents, we cleaned up, loaded up the car and headed to my sister's house.

It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but she etched our names or initials on these wine glasses and she had a wine tasting for us!  (and she says she isn't crafty!  Come on!)
The wine tasting was heavily monitored so we couldn't just drink an entire bottle, not that we would!  But if I could have, I would have drank this one.  I really liked it.
I think the kids had a root beer or orange drink tasting!

After a few tasting and appetizers, we let the younger ones open their stockings and gifts.  This has been where they sit and open their stockings for years.

  I could probably match up pictures exactly like these ever since the older one was about 5 years old!

My Sister said, "how old do you have to be before you quit getting stockings stuffed?"
 I think we were around 42!

OK let the unwrapping commence!

So, I bought a selfie stick to take family pictures and such.... 
 and it worked for awhile....
 but I could not get it to work to save my life, when we were taking family pics!
Family pics to follow.....

Cindy Bee

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  1. Never too old for stockings, I say... we still have stockings to rummage through, even the oldest.


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