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Monday, July 25, 2016

Long Weekend in Kentucky

Last Wednesday, My Shug and I took off for a long weekend in Kentucky to visit with family and friends.  We left on Wednesday because we planned on spending the night in Nashville, IN.
First stop was for lunch at Gray Brothers Cafeteria in Mooresville, IN.
They are known for their pies.
 Then we went to Nashville....It was already 2:00 and the streets roll up around 5:00 -6:00, so I didn't waste any time.  I started shopping at my favorite places.  I'll show you my purchases in another post. I was INSPIRED! 

This bike was in a window and I had to go look.   I've been thinking about getting a new bike and this is the brand I have been looking at, but not this style.

And isn't this adorable?
They hung silk flowers upside down from long, overhanging tree branches and it was just so fairy-like and magical walking through it.  I think I need to do this by Coral Belle.

Then, it rained.  And it was 98 degrees. (for real)
So it was like a sauna outside.  I asked my Shug what he wanted to do, because it was obvious he wasn't having the fun I was having!  He said he thought it would be nice to go to our favorite garden center.

 As the streets started to roll up in Nashville, and the temperature started to rise, we decided not to stay there, but to head to our friends house instead.  It was just too hot to shop!
(I can't believe I said that!)
 So off we went....
 and a few hours later,

 we arrived! 
 (only it was really 10ish at night when we arrived and dark out.  This pic was taken the next day)
 Now, I don't think I told you the results of my Shug's Dr. appt. a couple of weeks or so ago.  After we talked to the surgeon, the only thing that had to be fixed, was the hernia on his right side.  It was the size of a baseball! They scheduled surgery for the following Friday.  He did very well.  This was two weeks ago when he had the surgery.  He has three little incisions and is not supposed to get "IN" the pool, but she didn't say he couldn't float "ON" the pool.  Truth is, I think this weekend did him a world of good.  He ended up feeling better today than he has felt in a long time.  Reason why:   He did nothing all weekend and if he were home he would not have relaxed this much.
 There were some conspiracy's going on I think....
 and eating...
 and more eating....lots of eating...
and dancing... 

and synchronized floating! 
 and mask trying on....
(have you ever heard of Beauty Counter make-up?  I've been using it a year now and I love it.)
and card playing....
and all around fun.  We always have a good time visiting these people, and it's always sad to leave.

OK come on everyone, selfie....
 Let's try that again....will I ever remember my selfie stick?
 On the way home my Shug and I stopped in Berea, KY.  It's a quaint small artsy town.  We only went to one place.  It was more of a leg stretcher, let me see what's new since I was here years ago, kind of stop.

 Then we stopped at a casino for another leg stretcher.  When we walked in, My Shug put $5.00 in this big machine, won $80 in about two minutes, and was ready to leave!!!!  We stayed about 45 minutes. 
 We arrived home safe late Sunday evening.  Twas a nice weekend.

Anyone know what this bush is?  It was in Berea, KY
I got up this morning and made blueberry muffins and fried bacon.

I was feeling motivated.  Now I'm feeling tired. 
Good Night!
Cindy Bee


  1. My what a fantastic weekend; you sure pack a lot of punch into that small of a time period :) I always enjoy tagging along on your adventures.

    1. Connie you can always tag along and yes you can become an honorary member of our family! We have several of those!

      Cindy Bee

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend - love that garden center and that amazing pool! Such cute 'selfies' :) x Karen

  3. You stopped in Berea, Kentucky?? That is where I am from!! I lived there for 7 years before moving here to Germany :)

    1. YES! Berea, Kentucky! And I was probably there back when you lived there because this is the third or fourth time I've been there. My cousin used to live in Lexington and we'd visit her and go sight seeing. I used to love to go to the woolen mill. It's such a quaint little artsy town. I love it.
      Cindy Bee

  4. That bush is a Crepe Myrtle, and there's hundreds of varieties. I love the dark pink or red ones myself. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.


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