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Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Nashville Loot!

 There's something about back to school time that gets me all sad,  because back in my day it meant the end of summer. And summer is my fave.   But at the same time, I want to go out and buy a school box and fill it with pens and pencils and notepads and such.
When we were in Nashville, IN, I did some power shopping.  I had to!  It was hot and muggy, and My Shug was not in the mood to shop.  After going to OUR favorite store which is Michael's, I went into MY favorite store which is Mulberry Cottage. 
I never have enough time to shop downstairs, because I always need  have  want to go upstairs and shop for clothes. 
But this time I saw something that struck my eye!  These cute notebook/journal/calendar covers and Cath Kidston stationary!  WHAT!   Cath Kidston!  In the states!  I don't care what it is, I'm buying it!  Stationary of all things.  
Who writes letters?

So, this is my calendar I use.  And it just so happens, this journal cover can hold six mead-type notebooks.

I bought this one at the Mulberry Cottage....
This one too....(I'm swimming!)
I put all of the above in that journal cover and it's just the coolest thing...
There are even inside pockets on this cover.  Two on the front and one larger one on the back. 
I did make it upstairs to the clothing department and bought a couple of tops.
So here it is, all fun and official-like.  I'm ready for business!

Here's a glimpse of the Cath Kidston fold up stationary. 

I told ya it was cute!

On our way to Nashville/Kentucky, we stopped at Barnes & Noble bookstore and I bought this magazine.  One of my faves. 
There was a travel diary in it that fits right in the back pocket of my new journal cover.  Meant to be, I say!
Is it a sign? 
We went to another store and bought this rain gage.
 We have several doors in our foyer and whenever we have a gathering we are always asked...Which door is the bathroom door?  We thought this sign was perfect!
And last, but definitely not least...a new pair of sandals for me! 
You know....I had fun power shopping!  It's not something I often do and it would usually take me all weekend to decide if I were going to get any of this stuff.   I just went with it and I enjoyed it.

Cindy Bee


  1. I'm happy the you let loose of some of your money and bought some happy gifts for yourself. Sometimes we just have to do that! Love the shoe :)

    1. Hi Connie,
      Yes it is fun to let loose now and then! I had a blast!
      Cindy Bee


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