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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mostly Horton's

This is where I am sitting, only this picture was taken a couple of days ago, during the day, after I put flowers in vases throughout the house.  It's after 7:00 am right now and still dark outside this window. It's supposed to cool off quite a bit this week, so I do believe Fall is here, whether I want it to be or not!
 Saturday morning I was getting ready to leave for Horton's Fall open house when this truck pulled up, blocking the driveway.  That's ok, he didn't take long.  And inside that box is a big honkin' generator. We ordered it a couple of weeks ago.  That's right blogettes....we've been living here about four years now, and we've had two tornadoes and no power more than that.  My Shug and I were talking about how we never would have dreamed of getting a generator, but this last time, was the last time.  Besides, now that we've made the investment, we'll probably never need it, which is just fine with me!

 So the truck driver dropped off the generator and left.  And since My Shug is in a cast for four more weeks, and several weeks of recovery after that, I think the generator is going to be sitting in our drive for awhile.  (speaking of Shugs, I'm a bit concerned.  I think he is on the verge of pneumonia.  He's had a cough since before surgery, but do you think he will go to the Dr.)

Anyway, back to Horton's....this is the first time I did not take any pictures.  So, I will now send you over to Susie's blog, She Junks, to see pictures of Horton's fall decorations.  You are going to love this place.   My  neighbor, Kim, asked me to go with her and when we first got there I heard someone say my name.   Susie!  HI!  And see that cute little pumpkin...well she made it...and gave it to me!  How thoughtful.  THANK YOU SUSIE!
 Cute huh?  I'm trying to get things ready for a garage sale this Thursday and Friday in my parents neighborhood, so I haven't had much time to decorate for Fall.  But hopefully, soon. 
 The first booth I walked into had this candy mold marked down to $10!  Yes, please.
 And because I spent "X" amount of money I was told I could pick out two pieces of fudge!  I'm not a fudge I told Kim she could pick it out if she wanted to.  Well, I thought he meant two sample pieces of fudge....
(I bought these two tops at Horton's.  They are now carrying clothes and I really like them.  This makes the third top I've bought at their store!  My wardrobe is a changin'.)
Back to the fudge....So Kim says it was "real" pieces of fudge, not samples.  So she gave one to me. My Shug made fudge sandwiches... 

  Who says men can't cook!!!
 After we left Horton's we walked next door where there were a bunch of vendors selling odds and ends.  I bought this pillow.  It doesn't really go in my room, but I loved it, and it doesn't really NOT go, right?
 It was a fun morning at Horton's and I got home in time to get some things done and have date with My Shug.  We went to see The Magnificent Seven at the theatre.

Yesterday we discovered this praying mantis on the side of one of my beehives.  Have you ever seen one with that big of a body?  I'm thinking there's a male praying mantis with no head out there somewhere, because she looks pregnant to me! 

 This is the only glimpse of sunset that I get unless I'm out walking, because I can't see it from our porch, where I was sitting last night, because of the trees.  But I'm guessing it must have been beautiful.  It looked like the woods was on fire.

It's now 7:45 a.m. and just now starting to get light outside.  My back hurts sitting in this chair for so long, so I think I shall go to the couch and read a bit.  I am in need of a relaxing morning.  I hope you have a great day.

Cindy Bee


  1. I have seen more praying mantis this year than ever before. I guess my garden was in need of some prayers, LOL. Our neighbors have a generator system on their well that kicks in if the power goes off. We have been thinking about looking into getting one. No power, no water when you have a well :)

  2. Cindy, It was so good to see you. I wish we could have a whole day talking. LOL I liked your friend Kim. Aren't the Horton's the nicest people? I like the way Suge makes sandwiches. :) That cracked me up. I also went to the mini mall area. The florist Jean had lost her husband this year and I wanted to see how she was doing. Cindy, tell the suge to get to the dr. we women try our best to care for our men...but they need to cooperate. We got a generator when we moved here. We have lost power many times. Since we moved here...we have two ice storms, two floods and two this Indiana? Been blessed that the tornadoes has skirted past us. I thought of you when I heard of the tornadoes in the north side of Kokomo. Better safe than without power girl. I would not make a good pioneer...ever ! Blessings my friend, xoxo, Susie

  3. I hope that your Shug will be OK, and I hope that the generator does its thing and keeps your power on for ever more!! Glad to hear you had a great day out. xx

  4. Thanks for calling in. Just to answer your query, I live in New Zealand in the south of the South Island. Spring is bursting out all over at the moment :)



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