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Friday, September 2, 2016

Logansport, IN

There is this little town called Logansport, IN.  I was born there, but moved to Kokomo when I was only five years old.  My parents are from Logansport and they each come from a family of seven children!  So, we spent every single weekend in Logansport when I was growing up.  Here are some fun facts about Logansport, IN.

1)  They have a couple of very large rivers which are great for canoeing or kayaking. 
 In the canoe is Dad, my niece, and my Sister.

 See....nice river.  
Think...Riverboat rides.
2)  They have this carousel at Riverside Park in Logansport that has been there since before I was a kid.

 And you can buy bricks around this carousel.  And do you think I ever knew that my parents and Grandparents have a brick?  No, I did not know, until I went to the carousel festival the other day!
 This would be our parents standing by their brick, in front of the Denzel carousel.
 This carousel is now housed inside a very nice building
 and you get to reach out and try to get the brass "golden" ring.  If you do, you get a free ride.
 And it's fun for all ages!
 Family reunions can be held at this park in the summer time.
 3)  They have some yummy fun food places that I don't even need to tell you about if you are from Logansport.  But if you aren't, here are three faves.....
 Sycamore Drive-In custard.  Oh em geeeeeee.....YUM!  I want one now.
B&K Spanish dogs or Spanish buns (I get one of each) and root beer. 
(we call them Coney dogs in Kokomo, but I was quickly corrected the last time I was there!)
Bruno's pizza.  I pick one up every time I go to Logan whether we need it or not.
3)   These houses are not far from downtown and a river,
and this area used to be called Banker's Row. 
Now, go back in time with me. 
Close your eyes....
think summer....
colorful flowers blooming everywhere, garden parties, tea parties, walking to town on a Friday evening.....

 Think Christmas....
with decorations and snow and Christmas trees and Santa's and such.
 Think "Fixer Upper"!
 These homes are in need of TLC in a bad way.

 One of them has been purchased and is getting a make-over.
 Think Bed & Breakfast.
 These pictures were not easy to take from the car window.....some of them I got out and stood on the corner, and quickly snapped the pics before another car came up to the stop sign...but you get the idea.

4)  They have trains....lots and lots of trains....(no pics...sorry,)  When I was a kid, there was never one time that we did not get stopped by a train when on our way into town to visit relatives.

5) And they have architecture in some of their old downtown buildings.  They even have a State Theatre that has been re-vamped and they have 'events' that you can attend!  Henry Lee Summer is going to be there next weekend!  Click here for State Theatre concert events.

This is what I think....
Think along with me if you don't mind!

This town used to be a booming riverboat running, train trackin', hustle bustle town. 

Imagine if you will, the downtown turned into quaint, fun, places to shop, and eat.

Imagine the trains giving hour...half a day... dinner rides....polar express rides.....

Imagine River boat rides on the river....same as the trains....dinner rides, weekend rooms on a riverboat, now wouldn't that be fun?

Think tourist town....

And those homes....oh....those homes....restored to their glory as bed and breakfasts! 

What do you think?  Sounds like a tv special waiting to happen to me.

Who's with me?

I'm hooking up with Amy at Love Made My Home.  Five on Friday!

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  1. It looks lovely, you can't beat having a river to walk by.

  2. What a great five! I especially love the bricks by the carousel. What a great idea. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Carousels are fun to ride for young and old. Logansport looks like a great place to visit. Those old homes are beautiful - just waiting for someone with deep pockets to come along and bring them back to their original glory.

  4. Looks like a lovely place! I hope that some of the historic buildings find wonderful new uses, you are so right, they would be fabulous decorated for all kinds of seasonal displays! Thank you for joining in, have a great weekend! xx

  5. Our old homes in Springfield are being purchased and repaired. Hope these gorgeous old buildings will also be saved. The problem is that the closets are very small, so one lady just took the smallest bedroom and turned it into a walk-in closet-dressing room. There was even room to leave the sewing machine and ironing board set up. How smart was that? I'd love a room like that.

  6. You catch the "golden" ring for a free ride on carousel. And you had Sycamore twice, LOL

  7. You catch the "golden" ring for a free ride on carousel. And you had Sycamore twice, LOL

    1. I did not have two!!! GASP! Two....all summer. That picture was taken in April when I came over to pull your hair through the cap with the crochet hook! Same as the hot dog picture. So phhhbbbtttt!!!!!

  8. What a great place to visit...lots of fun things for a family to see & do! Loved the old houses...oh yes, I would adopt one and love it if I could!

  9. What a lovely nostalgic carousel... and all these beautiful houses make me dream and stories come in my mind... sad, that many of them are lost (or it only seems at pictures?) -
    Never heard about Logansport before, thanks for sharing.
    We have a steam train here through the montains, will show some photos next friday.
    Have a nice new week

  10. Gosh those houses really do need tlc and sis would they be glorious. Wonderful architecture

  11. The festival looks like so much fun ♥

  12. Cindy, It's a shame when all the activity that helped create and build a town is gone. I loved all the older homes. It's a shame that some bigger builder doesn't fix them up for re-sale. Wish we could get all the jobs back from overseas. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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