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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Crocheting and Reading

It's been awhile since I've done a 'crafty' post, so I think I shall do one....
or maybe two!
 Back in March, of 2015, when I was still living in a basement room, I dug out some yarn from my stash (which I will not even attempt to show you!)  See that material...well I love those colors.  I was hoping to find some stash to match that material....and I did!
Since that 'digging out of stash' yarn, I have made that material into pillows for
 these chairs.

 I narrowed down the colors, consulted with my crochet gurus, and decided to use these colors to make a blanket....which I do not need.  How many crochet blankets does one household with two people need?  Here's the have to make a blanket while in crochet group because you cannot chit-chat the entire time you are in group and THINK.    You need mindless blanket work.

Which left this pattern out because I made three of them whilst paying attention, and only one came out halfway decent!  Too hard to make a whole blanket out of this, which is what I had originally thought.  Because....and I say this with granny square love in my heart....I feel as though I cannot make one more granny square blanket and change colors on every row. 
No...can... do.
 I could change colors every couple of rows....maybe

 So I've come up with this so far, and herein lies the problem with this, besides that it is a little wonky, and I'm hoping it will straighten out.
I'm thinking again!
What color to use
What pattern to use
How many rows of double
When do I add the yellow and green (the brightest colors)
And then it makes it hard to chit-chat. 
I'm thinking because I have no plan for this blanket.
I have a lot more colors to use.....and I'm winging it. 
I need a plan!

Oh...and I'm reading A book by Susan Wittig Albert called Bittersweet.  If you love herbs, and you love mysteries, then you should read this series of books.  It's about an herb shop owner named China
Bayles who is always solving a mystery with the help of her friend and business owner Ruby Wilcox.  Start with the first book, Thyme of Death.  They're a lot more fun to read that way.  You will learn about herbs, and she always puts a few recipes in the book as well.   They are fun reads with interesting herbal facts.

And lastly, I'm joining Ginny from "Small Things" blog on a yarn along.  Click to find out what others are knitting, crocheting, and reading.

Cindy Bee


  1. I LOVE the material on the pillow. Love, love, love it!

  2. I noticed the material straight away in the first picture, love the pillow you made. Such pretty yarn shades, I know exactly what you mean about chatting and thinking though xx

  3. Hi Cindy, I know that you are planing on more color, but I love it just the way it is. If you are planing on throwing it over the back of that chair, it would be lovely to keep it simple and not have it competing with all the colors in the cushion. Anyway, that's my big fat opinion. I love these colors, they look so tranquil and will create a very restful area :) Also, I think a little wonky adds charm.

  4. I love your new blanket, I also have troubles making colour choices, I just can't do random.

  5. Love your yarn colours and those neat little yarn cakes. I must learn how to hand wind mine with a nostepinne I was given this summer.


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