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Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday- Transitions, Crochet and FEET!


 Last weekend we went to the Tipton County Pork Festival.  They always have good bands at this festival.  Carl Storie was there and I used to love listening to him when it was Carl Storie and the Faith Band.   He was actually the warm up band for another band that played Eric Clapton tunes.  I wasn't a big Eric Clapton fan. Don't hate.
(note: this picture makes it look like no one was in the audience.  Not true.  We were sitting on a side that didn't have a lot of people, but there were a lot more people on the right/front side of the stage.  We found out why when we got up to use the restroom.  The sound was way better on that side than where we were sitting!)

2. FEET 
My Shug had foot surgery on Tuesday and peeps he is having a rough time.  He never takes pain meds, but with this surgery, he's taking them.  No weight on his right foot for six weeks, and a plaster cast for six weeks as well.   At least if he is going to lay around, he can still do it in the sun, as long as it's warm out.
In the meantime I'm stuck with plantar fasciitis again!  This time it's in the left foot.  I had it about three years ago in the right.   So between the two of us, we have two good feet!
We both go back to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Tuesday morning and if my foot isn't better, I'm going to grab on to those arms on the chair, squeeze really tight, tell him to give me the shot, the close my eyes and hold my breath.  Because that's just what I do when I get a shot in the foot!

First of all, look what "K" and Debbie brought for my Shug.  Aren't they sweet.
He is set up for junk food!
Since I have not wanted to leave him for very long, I had crochet group at my house on Thursday.
We've all got blankets going right now.  But for some reason these two 'blanket crocheters' felt like they should steal the show!  These two are kits from Attic 24 (see her blog in my side bar.  This yarn is great, and it's....oooohhh what's the word.......not natural fibers......geeesh...this getting older thing...Acrylic...that's the word!  But it's NOT your rough and scratchy acrylic.  It's soft and washable.)
So us other two blanket crocheters decided to throw in our blankets and re-take the pic! 
"LAW" The behind-the-scenes fussing going on over these blanket pics!

Topics of conversation included...
how much these blankets would go for at Goodwill in 20 years...
what are we going to do about the spider on the wall behind Debbie...
is the 'heart healthy' zucchini bread "K" made, really heart healthy...
and should we start a Yarndale in our town...
(I think we should)
Dixie got a little nervous during the blanket photo shoot and came to Mommy for safety! 
Or maybe he just wanted his picture taken.
I made this colorful cotton dishcloth while Shug was having surgery.  I told my Mom that dishcloths do not have to be perfect, we wash dishes with them.  They are great practice for crochet and knitting.  I'm wondering if a blanket out of this pattern might be in order...someday.
Hmmm...I wonder what someone would pay for Goodwill...someday.

This is a bit of a serious topic for 5 on Friday so I won't go through it in too much detail.
 I feel like I'm going through a transition period.  Last week I told you I'm not sure about beekeeping next year.  I probably won't be sure about it until winter is over, and I find out if my hives survived. 
And to keep this short...I've been trying to figure out what my passions are.....
This is not a depression it's a transition.  There's a difference, and I believe we all have them, so no worries.
 (I wish I could lighten the above picture up, but I can't figure editing out on my new computer yet.  There is a pond in that picture.)
 I know I like yarn crafts and sewing.  And I like nature.   I enjoy having people over, and planning for events (or at least I used to before I had to do it all online)
 but I don't get excited anymore. 
You know what I mean?
Like when you're a kid and you see the roller coaster at Kings Island.
Or the anticipation of a vacation you are planning. 
Or maybe saving for something and finally ordering it....
Yes, you know what I mean.
I don't get excited about doing things, even the things I enjoy.

 Do you?

I'm joining Amy at Love Made my Home and participating in Five on Friday.  Click on Five on Friday and pop over to see what others are up to.

Click on it I tell ya!

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, You always have so much fun with your family and friends. :):) I like the blankets. So sorry about you and Shug having foot problems....believe me I went thru a ton of it and if I am not careful I get it back once in a while and have to rest. I never dreamed while growing up I would have these kinds of problems. Praying for you and yours, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. I will let you know if Kris from Junk Chic Cottage is coming to Horton's.

  2. Cindy, I hope you and Shug recuperate quickly. Having both of you fairly immobile really must make life difficult. Know what you mean about having lost the excitement ... although I'm quite sure you must be too tired with all you've got going on to be excited about anything anyway!!!

  3. Cindy, I'm sad to hear about you and your hubby . . . that foot of yours and your story about a shot in the foot gave me chills. I have had them in my knee before and it's no fun. Here's wishing you both a speedy recovery.
    God Bless.
    Connie :)

  4. Maybe you are having a let down now that you are finally living in your whole house. Maybe its because its the end of a great summer and we know what is coming after fall.
    Sure hope your foot problems improve-so many of us seem to have some sort of foot problems these days.
    Wishing you happy days ahead.

  5. Hi Cindy, well you've brought me up short with that last one! I think the idea of "transition" deserves a post all to itself. Very thought-provoking. Hmmm. I am sorry that both you and the Shug are having foot trouble, it must be so frustrating for you both apart from the pain. And I can't get over the idea of a pork festival! That's made me smile. Take care. x

  6. I am sorry you and your hubby are having feet problems. Understand the plantar fasciitis completely as I have it. I had therapy, one shot in my foot and then they made me a cast of my feet and I have been wearing inserts. Beautiful afghans and pot holders. Nancy

  7. Darn it! The first long comment I left didn't publish. Said I was "timed out" ???

    Anywhos ...

    Feet problems are no fun at all. I sometimes suffer with heel spurs but do anything I can, lots of natural remedies, to try and heal on my own. I've had friends who had foot surgery and they both said they would never do it again as the healing process was just way too long. I hope your hubby will heal quickly. And that you won't require an injection.

    I'm in a transition over here too with both my boys in college. My first priority should be purging and organizing but getting motivated for that is hard as it just takes too much time. And really isn't a whole lot of fun.

    As for "excitement" ... perhaps it is overrated. Appreciating all that we have is a much better way of living. It's sort of like when you first fall in love, everything is very exciting in new. But then hopefully, you fall into a natural rhythm. That's what life is all about ... appreciating all the daily little things. My awe and wonder comes in enjoying nature and all it has to offer.

    All the blankets are lovely. I just bought some yarn and will be making more baby blankets, too. Time is very important to me now. I don't give it away to just anyone. And quiet times are my most favorite parts of any day.

    Take care and have a great week.

  8. Wonderful five. Sorry about the feet! I've been having trouble with my ankle since I sprained it several years ago. Since surgery it is better. Hopefully your hubby's foot will be better. Takes a while!

    Good luck with your decision regarding the bee keeping. It will be the right decision for you - it's good to look at it as a transition. There is always something new around the corner.

    Have a good week


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