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Friday, September 23, 2016

Five for Fall!

Happy Fall Y'all! 
Yesterday (Thursday) was the first day of Autumn, and if you know me, you know Fall is my THIRD favorite season. 
Oh sure, I enjoy all of the festivals,
and colors,
and smells,
and such.
I'm just a spring/summer girl is all.  And when you only have four seasons, and you love two, and strongly dislike one, well that only leaves one place...Third.
I just don't love fall like everyone else does. 
But on Thursday, I donned my fall colors and headed off to crochet.  And forgot to take pictures.  Laaaaawww why can't I remember to take pictures.
Anyway, here are five facts about Fall from my perspective.

Spiders love Fall.
This one lives in the mailbox, so I think I will call him Bill.  Because that's all I ever get in the mail.

Odd things appear that you don't see all summer.  I almost stepped on this the other day.  I hear it can cause a poison ivy type rash in some people if they touch it.   I just wanted to know if it means good winter or bad winter.   I've never seen a white one before.

 In celebration of fall,  I took all of my coupons to Kohl's and shopped their clearance racks for every summer top I could find....that I liked...that fit well.  No capsule wardrobe for me.  I'm going to Mexico next summer and I need summer tops.  And, bonus, I bought a cute Fall sweatshirt too.  Only $88.00 for nine summer tops and a sweatshirt.

There is more time for crafty stuff in the Fall.
  Sort of.   OK, not really.  There is more time for crafts in the winter, but I wanted to show you what I'm up to. 
I am actually just trying to frame pictures and get them put on the walls. 
I still don't have anything on the walls at our new house.  So I downloaded the Walgreens app and sent them some photos and they turned out quite well.  I was quite proud of myself for actually ordering online.
 I'm still working on my blanket.  Crochet blankets are good projects to start in the Fall.  They should be just the right size to keep you warm for winter, when you work on them in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate.
That's all for Fall Y'all.

Right now I'm drinking my summer wine, and reading my summer library book, that I'm paying fines on because it was due two days ago, and I am not finished with it. 
I'm too close to the end to return it right now. 
So I'm celebrating summer a little bit longer in my own little corner of the world.
My world, my season! 
Besides, we had to turn the air conditioning back on today.

Tomorrow, Horton's Fall Open House.
Be there. 
Celebrate Fall!

Cindy Bee

PS.  I'm joining Amy's Five on Friday party, and I gotta say I am really enjoying it.  Thank you Amy for taking time to do this for us.  Click on Five on Friday and see what other's are up to.


  1. Ha-ha! Well, that was a very fun list of five interesting things. We don't get much of a seasonal change around here. It's super duper hot in the summer -- too hot to do much of anything. And then there's the cool down to winter which can be mild or the kind of cold that chills you to the bone. But since I like mild temperatures rather than scorching, I'd have to say Fall and Spring would be my favorite times of the year. Wish we could see the changes when Fall arrives but in the desert, everything looks the same ... until winter, when flowers bloom and gardens grow (for those who plant them). Enjoy your summer wine and finish that book so you can get it back to the library. Ha! Have a good weekend.

  2. I like what I call the in between seasons best, spring and autumn. Spring is blowing in at the moment and I am looking forward to summer.
    I enjoyed your fun five, thanks.


  3. I find far more time for stitching this time of year, my garden is in its final flush of the year, and there is less for me to do. I am trying to decide on the design of my Christmas cards for this year, I like to get them done early.

  4. Five great things - well, actually if I am honest four for me because I am terrified of spiders! hee hee! - of course my favourite is the crochet blanket!! Thank you for joining Five on Friday, lovely to see you. Hope you are having a great weekend! xx

  5. Cindy, I hate spider that get in the mail box. I always find those black hairy ones. It was good to see you today. I am sorry I could not stay longer and visit more with you and your friend. Wish I had taken a picture of her with you. Tell her I am sorry. Hope your Suge is better. Keep us posted about his health. Blessings to you honey. xoxo, Susie

  6. That is such a sweet message in your mailbox. I like Autumn when it's warm and I think better than Spring as there's leaves on the trees for most of the season. Still I like summer best of all, warm weather and long days, shame there's only about two months of decent weather over here.

  7. I love your spider and his clever name. And I'm going to copy you and put a thank you on my mailbox door. We all need to be appreciated, right?


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