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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun and Games on Christmas Eve!

 We woke up Christmas morning to extreme low temperatures.  Our door was frozen shut!  So my Shug had to get it open before leaving for work.  In doing so, he bent the frame, then the door wouldn't close all the way!  Not a good start to the day at 5:00 a.m., but it got better.  By the evening we were with family and laughing....laughing....laughing!  Lots of pics but bare with'll have fun at the end!
 I was still working on finishing the pillow I was making for a Christmas present.  Here are some sneak peaks.  I put beads on the sun and needle felted the sun rays.
 Leaf beads on the tree...
 I added a few stars...and I did a little stitching on the pillow, but I had to start getting ready for Christmas eve game night.  Game night was something Mom started on Christmas Eve in 1990. 
 I got our 'room' all ready.  I set up a card table for drinks (slush punch freeze), cups, and plates.

 The game prizes were all wrapped.  We have cute little game prizes, and Zonks!  And some of the bags have a scratch off lottery ticket in them.

 I replaced the pretty table cloth with paper that we could write on. We ate bread sticks, veggies, and wrote on the paper while waiting on the pizzas to arrive.  Yup peeps, pizzas.  Easy peasy. Vickie and Robert were bringing them from Brunos in Logansport.  I decided I wasn't going to stress this Christmas, and I didn't.  The menu was bread sticks and cheese from Harvey Hinklemeyers and Bruno's pizza.  I did make a veggie tray and we all brought some sweet treats.  And no, the child above is not drinking slush punch freeze.  But she did ask her Mother if she could write, "Hey Clark...the shitter's full" on the paper. Her Mother, not paying attention, said ok!  I said, "What are you writing?" and she said, "Mom said it was ok."  My Sister said, "What did I say was ok?"  Ummmm pay attention sister!
My Sister got these cupcakes to celebrate Taylor's birthday.  Yup she was born on Christmas Eve.  I have another niece that was born on Winter Solstice (the 21st)

 Cousin Vickie got her some SPAM!  The story is my Shug gave her some SPAM one time while she was staying with us (no, I do not eat it) and she has asked for it ever since.  Her Mom refuses to buy it.  hmmmm, she'll let her write "the shitter's full Clark" but she won't fix her SPAM.  I don't know....
 We got her some footy pajamas.  I reckon I will buy these for her the rest of her life.  We got her a pair when she was four, after going to several stores to try to find them.  The only pair I could find was three sizes too big but she said, "this is the best day of my life!" (remember, she was four)  They lasted her until last year when she said she needs a new pair.  I got her a new pair last year, and she outgrew them in a year! This year she told me she needs a new pair again.  She is growing up fast!
 My parents always give money but she had to find the elf on the tree.
 Remember when I told you we couldn't get our JC Penneys snow globes this year because the tornado tore up the store. (it's STILL not open)  Well, Vickie surprised us and got us all snow globes from Penneys!!! (in another town)
 Ok I mixed up the games a bit this year.  We usually play Left Right Center, Planet Hollywood, Scattegories, PIT and whatever else people bring to play.  But I did some searching on Pinterest and found a few things.  But first, I borrowed a friends BINGO game and we played BINGO.  First five BINGO's get a prize.

  The next game was something I made up.  I had a bunch of old pictures developed.  Christmas pictures from days gone by.  I had doubles made.  And we played match game. 
 I need to improve this game a bit by making it smaller (less pics) and maybe numbering the back of the pictures. 
We finally had a winner.  My Sister won!

 This next game was a team game.  You had to put your right arm behind your back (except Vickie, who had to put her left arm behind her back, because she is left-handed).  I gave everyone a new roll of tape and wrapping paper and a box.  First team to wrap the box wins. 
 Well, the guys one, but it wasn't a very neat wrapping job.
  Next game....snowman making game.  I had Dave draw a snowman and number the parts 2-12.  Each team took turns rolling two dice.  Every time you rolled a number that corresponded with a snowman part, your team drew that part of the snowman.  First person to complete a snowman wins.  We won!
 I thought they were fun games, but Dave was told to keep me off of the internet!  This family likes tradition so out came Left, Right, Center.

And in keeping with Shug tooted.
 Now this next game had us in tears from laughing so hard.  Vickie's daughter, who was not in attendance, made up 20 Christmas movies.  Again we played teams, and took turns drawing. Let me just say, this family can NOT draw!!!   And by the way Trent, Jesus in the Road is NOT the same as Miracle on 34th Street!!!

I decided to let you try to guess some of these!  I even enlarged the pictures so you could see them better.  Give it a go...and let me know in the comments what you think!  I'll come back later and let you know if you are right....

 I'm still laughing about this one....


 and this one!  Still laughing....still....
 There was a lot of fun and laughter and I think we all had a Happy Christmas Eve.
 Time to go.  And this kid has always worn her pj's home. 
Cindy Bee

PS - The first person that can guess all of the correct Movie names, gets a Christmas tree dishcloth.  Family members in attendance that night cannot play.  And sorry, but I'm not going to pay more than $5.00 to ship a dishcloth.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Cindy Bee


  1. Haven't got a clue!
    We played charades...silly fun is always the best fun!
    Jane x

  2. Looks very FUN Christmas !!! Precious FUN time !!! I also had a good time with G mom and R dad in IN.
    Yesterday I survived today I came back from the hospital and G mom and R dad are for me here, I really appreciate for them and having good time !!! Precious !!! (^.^)"


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