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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Best Gift of all!

 You might be wondering why we are all sitting around in our pj's with plates on our heads?  Because my Sister had us all wear pj's to her house on Christmas Day, and we were playing a game where you have to draw on the plate, on your head, without seeing what you draw.    Which was hilarious.
And you best do what my Sister says!
So here's the story....I texted my niece the week before Christmas and asked her what the Dr. said....Boy or Girl?  Yup, she is pregnant again and things are looking good!  She gave me a choice of knowing, but said I couldn't tell anyone that she wanted to announce it on Christmas Day.  So I didn't tell...and it was hard.  It was really REALLY hard when Mom left me a message on my phone and said for me to tell her what the baby is going to be because she knows that I know!  How did she know that I know!  Because Adrienne told her that she told me, but I couldn't tell!  I can't believe she ratted me out!
So, on Christmas Day I brought a little gift, and Adrienne let Mom open it.  It was her way of announcing...It's A BOY!

 Peeps, I'm going to have another nephew...Finally!  We were supposed to wait until after dinner to open the gifts, but Mom HAD to open the one gift right away!  She barely waited for my brother to get there, and it's his daughter having the baby!  So he is going to be grandpa to a little baby boy!!!!!!  (I'm smiling as I type this) 

I remember one time when we were little, and my brother had the fridge door opened and he was holding the Hershey's chocolate syrup in the air over his mouth with his head tilted back...pouring it.  My Dad said, "Son, I swear you'd eat the chocolate off a dead man's lips!"

Dinner time!

To be continued....

Cindy Bee

PS.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve.  We did.


  1. Cindy your family are wonderful. I do love it that you all have fun together. (I'm making a list of all they games you play in readiness for our own get togethers.) Congratulations on the newest member. I shall look forward to seeing what you make for him. Philippa xx

  2. Congratulations auntie! I have been so bad at posting the last few months I cannot remember if I have posted I am going to be a grandma again or not? It is a boy also.


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