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Sunday, January 5, 2014


 I'm interrupting my Holiday catch-up posts to bring you more weather news.  A Blizzard.  Yes folks, we are now having a blizzard.  First it was flooding in the spring.  Then tornadoes a few weeks ago.  And now, a blizzard.  What in thee hell...
 I decided to go out and take some pics, and the snow was above my boots, and still coming down.  It's still coming down, now, at 9:30 at night.  Still....still.....still....
 Bee yard.  It's hard to take a bad pic in this snow. 

 Going through the woods.

 The back of our house (or the front depending on how you look at it)  This is the entrance people will drive up to and come in.
 See those trees half knocked down?  Yup, that happened during the tornado weather.

 Around 3:00ish, we had 8 inches of snow and it's still coming down.  Oh wait, I already said that.
 I tried to build a snowman and when I put the belly-ball on top of the butt/leg ball, it split in half.  I have up.

 Good grief I like taking pictures of beehives with colorful gourds!
 Our neighbor came by to help us bale out.
And the House on Hilltop Farm!

I hope you enjoyed your winter wonderland winter walk.

I'm watching Downton Abbey and nodding off.  Gnight.

Cindy Bee


  1. From here your photos look wonderful but I appreciate from your proximity you might not think the scenery quite so great. A very nifty bit of hardware your neighbour has. I hope you are all staying warm. Thanks to the jet stream we have high winds, extra high tides and rain all together causing flooding all the way up the west coast of GB. Philippa xx

    1. The scenery looks pretty from inside, but too many people have to get out and go places. Our town is "CLOSED" until noon. They even closed the factories. Haven't done that since the blizzard of 1978!

  2. So, twas you who sent it up to us,eh? Go on, admit it!
    Jane x

  3. love your photos! Love your beautiful neck of the woods♥ We too are carefully enjoying the Blizzard of 14.. Love to you Cindy Bee!

  4. Oh yeah - that was a bad snow storm even here (12.5") and the cold was intense. Love your photos - I didn't go outside: too cold and I had a cold.

  5. Your house is beautiful Cindy!! Love all the snow pics. Although I like to just look. :o) There is something to be said for living in the south.


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