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Monday, January 13, 2014

Ceramic Artist Patti Beck - Santa

 A few weeks before Christmas I received a text from my friend, ceramic artist, Patti Beck.  She asked if I had any honey left.  "A little bit."

She said she is making me a Santa Claus and she would like to trade me for honey.  I felt honored.  Especially when I saw the pre-fired Santa.

Every year Patti makes a new Santa with a theme.  This year it was a beekeeper!
Look at the details.

  A beekeeper's hat.
 A bee skep.
 A honey pot.

 And check this out......on Santa's coat!
 So while I was there, picking up my Santa, I saw this swamp woman with blonde hair!  And I thought she looked like she came right up out of our pond.  So I texted my shug an asked him to get her for me for Christmas!
Here she is!
 She has several frogs and a fish on her,
 and she even has algae hanging off of her cuffs!
My Shug got her for me for Christmas! 

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow! I love that santa! What great beekeeping details. What a treasure. I hope the weather is better for you. It hit 50 in MA today. I had lots of bee activity around my hive. Looks like mine survived the polar vortex. Now onto the next challange.

  2. What sweet gifts! Friends, family, and loved ones...they make our lives worthwhile!

  3. Those are AWESOME! (Just one more thing I want to try is making ceramic things (and painting them of course!)) I love all the little details! :)))

  4. These are so perfect for you.Great work. The Swamp Lady really made me smile :)

  5. Those figurines are absolutely brilliant and so humorous. I love all the details and so lovely to have one made just for you. Philippa xx

  6. That's awesome Cindy! Both of them. :o)


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