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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little more color please!

 A couple of weeks ago our town got 17.5 inches of snow.  I think our entire state closed down for the day.  Even the factory where my Shug works closed. I didn't leave the house for several days because he needed the only all wheel drive vehicle we have to get back and forth to work.  So finally, after a few days, I ventured out.
 One of the stops I made was to this strip mall.  I thought I'd show you how high the mounds of snow are, from where they plowed the parking lot.
 We have had more snow several times since this, so it's just snow upon snow upon snow upon snow.
 I'm not complaining.  No sirreee.....not at all...
Ok, I might have muttered a bit of complaints when I couldn't see around this stop sign to see if anyone was coming.  (the other way does not have to stop) And yes the snow is pretty.  But here's the deal.

 I wish it would be more colorful!  
I need color this time of year. 
You see,
we have Spring,

 Christmas which is very colorful and festive!
 Then we have white....lots and lots of white.  For months on end.
 I did get a glimpse of this red out my studio window this morning,
but it only lasted about five minutes.
So I'm thinking, snow might be a bit more fun if it would come down in colors
Like the color of this purple hyacinth that I bought at the grocery store the other day.
(I wish you could smell it!)
 We could play guessing games...what color will the snow be today?  Pink?
Which is the color I'm hoping these tulips will be!   (my Mom's side of the family would probably place bets on the color of the snow!)  I think colorful snow would make winters more FUN!
 But since I'm stuck with the cold, white, stuff, here is what I'm doing to stay busy in our studio apartment.
 Baking....which makes it awful hard to stick with my healthy eating plan.  How do you do it?  You resolute to eat healthy in the new year, but you crave comfort food?

Besides eating starch and sugar,  I'm still stitching and crocheting for the Winter Woolen Workshop (February 22/23)
 I made this bag, with lining, after two tries.  I will get this pattern figured out sooner or later.  My Shug said, "it isn't a watch" when I was trying to figure out what I cut wrong.  Insinuating that it doesn't have to be perfect.  Well, Mr. Shug....what if I said that about your 2x4's! 
(love the lining too)
 Remember this bag?
 Someone suggested I embellish it, and maybe add a pocket...
 So I was fiddling around with this little grouping, and I posted a pic on Instagram and BTowlsy said, "stiffen the hanky with some backing and go for it" which I think is a perfect idea.  I'm going to try it.
 I also made these handwarmers....look at that blue hand!  I got the hand at the Goodwill store (not in our town) I'm thinking I'll paint it a different color, when I can get outside and paint. 
And lastly, I'm working on this....which is a secret....sshhhhhh.....
PS -Come by Groovy Girl Yarn on Saturday between 11-4 and make a colorful cupcake pin cushion for only $5.00. 

See ya soon,
Cindy Bee


  1. The snow might be lacking colour but your blog sure isn't! We're getting snow, upon snow, upon snow here as well, and the Great Scot's work was closed too. Enough winter already, I'm SO over it!

  2. Cindy, the flowers and blooms made me yearn for Spring, but don't you think that Winter is Mother nature's way of giving us time to rest, to knit, to read, to cook and create all while enjoying each other?...:)JP

  3. Love all the flowers you have shared here. I am ready for spring, well I was ready for spring two months ago. Hope the hankie idea works for you. I love using vintage things in projects! Pink, pink snow would be great.

  4. Rainbow snow...that would be pretty! At least the snow isn't black...could you imagine???
    Jane x

  5. All that snow reminds me of living in Canada - really pleased it keeps warming up here for a few days between cold spells so it's not as depressing. Love the bag!!

  6. I know this is not a popular sentiment, but I am longing for a few days of snow and ice that keep y husband & I at home. Just a FEW mind you. We have cold weather that is below freezing at night and barely above during the day, but no snow.... so cold and not cozy, and no justification for sticking close to home. Plus, the sunshine warms the temps just enough to fool the bees in the afternoon and they come buzzing out of their hives looking for flowers that are not to be found. Drat !

    Oh well, things we cannot change and the bees feed off the candy boards my husband makes and puts in their hives....maybe it will rain or snow next week. ( I can dream & hope )

    You have some amazing piles of snow and I was imagining what a pile of pink or purple snow would look like....


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