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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blippity Blip Blizzard activities

 What does one do during a blizzard, when stuck in a room, (which will heretofore be called a studio), for three days and counting....

1) I got my MIL's sewing machine out...along with the instruction book.  She gave it to me when she went into assisted living.  I never used it because I had a sewing machine.  Well....mine is in the cold part of the house.  The studio is the only warm part. So I started reading MIL's sewing machine instruction manual....
 Then proceeded to thread and wind bobbin, and pondered upon something small to try it out on, and came across this Mollie Makes magazine from a couple of months ago.  You know how they always give you a little project...well, I happened upon this adorable little pup. Said pup comes from Jane Foster, and after visiting her blog, I now want the santa, fox, and a bag, for starters....Go take a look!
I think the pup turned out adorable and I'm naming her Mollie Jane, after the magazine and Jane Foster.
 She is a she because I will never have another HE dog.  Even though I love my little HE dog.
Here is why.

2) When Blippity Blip (which are taking the place of curse words btw) blizzard exists....he wanders around in circles...

 sniffing around,
 but he will not do his business.   The reason for this behavior is unbeknownst to mankind as I have asked many a peeps who have the same problem with their pooch.  I love my Dixie Doodle (boy dog with a girl name) to pieces, but this behavior is unbecoming of him in 15 below degree temps.
 "noooo, not here" Dixie says.

3)This is outside my studio.  You  might think you want to jump in it as it looks like a big white pluffy pillow, but you don't.  It'll hurt.
4) So...I got some sewing books out of my stash in the depths of the hilltop cottage (the cold room!  I'm pretending I live in the hollow of a tree, and my tree goes on and on, you know, like in the lives of the Beatrix Potter or Holly Pond Hill characters), and brought them to the studio to warm up.  I decided to make a bag that is in this book that I bought several years ago.

You are supposed to use vintage curtain material for the outer bag and any material for the lining.  I have plenty of vintage material.  Like...p.l.e.n.t.y.  And I have even more 'any' material.  I like the bag, but it looks a bit small for me.
So I enlarged the pattern myself, and made this one, which is a bit big for me.
 See the difference.
 So I re-did the bag, (four times) and now it's just right!
 So I'm trying to decide if I should make some more to sell, perhaps at the Winter Woolen Workshop (Feb 22-23) since I have a lot of vintage fabric, or just....not.  What do you think?
 4)  I started to clean, but that didn't go to well.  Apparently, after bleaching the sink, and wiping it up, later that day (no I did not clean in my good clothes) I leaned against a spot that did not get wiped completely up.  I might end up tie dying this shirt.  Or just wearing it with bleach marks.  Either way, I quit cleaning.

5) I did bake scones, however, to celebrate the fact that Downton Abbey finally started back up. Season four.  However, I couldn't stay awake for the entire two hours.  We get up at 4:50 a.m. so by 9:00 I'm tuckered out.  The scones are delish though.

 6)  I tried to build a snowman.  But when I lifted the belly ball to put on top of the bottom/legs ball, it broke the bottom in half and I called it quits.  The snow is heavy.

7) I think the snow on our tables outside look like cake.

8)  I think this looks like a very fun and cute thing to do with Christmas cards.Click on THIS...not THIS this...that this, right after I think...

 9) After icking and eww-ing over this picture my nephew sent me, I decided to share it.  Ewwwww...Andrew.

I numbered all of these so this post wouldn't 'feel' so long, since I said I was going to stop doing long posts!

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh my! We just have the cold here. Stay warm and sane!

    1. I'm staying warm....not sure about sane. Been inside since Saturday.

  2. Your post is making me shiver!! One of our dogs goes round and round in circles too. Always anti-clockwise. We just say it's part of her OCD. The bags look great and very useful. What if you were to make a little matching pouch for them into which they could be folded as spare shopping bags? Please keep warm and safe. Philippa xx

    1. Well good grief I replied and it disappeared. I said I like the pouch idea for the inside of the bags. They are made of a little heavier material (supposed to be vintage curtain material but I'm not sure mine was for curtains) and they are lined, so they might be a bit heavy to fit in a pouch. I might try to make one though. I have all day.....again.....sigh.

  3. Holy snow covered porch!!! No wonder pooch doesn't want to go!

    1. Well he went allright....he poooed on the floor last night. Luckily it's a cement floor and easy to clean up. Unlickily my Shug got up to go potty and stepped in it. Such is life. I'm going crazy.

  4. Bug has been waiting until she cannot wait anymore. I took her out close to 9 last night before she would do her thing. To cold for them to stand still long enough. 20 below with the wind chill still here yesterday. Today it has made it just above 0...Yeah. She also would not go until hubs plowed the drive the other day does not like to drag her tummy in the snow. Love the bags! I need to make a copy of a pattern for you......I am just to slow at these things.

  5. I think you should go for it and make more bags. I wish I was a whiz at sewing. You are lucky you have more than one creative gift. :)


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