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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hiking in Brown County

Put on your hiking know the ones in the back of the closet. You had to have them, they were $100.00 and you're still breaking them in from two years ago!

Trail 2 - 2 miles. Trail 3 - 1.25 miles. Since we haven't hiked or exercised for like, two years, I say trail 3. The overachiever says trail 2. We can't flip a coin for it because we don't have any coins with us, which is how we make most major decisions.

So we flip our room key. The Elmer side-trail 2, the blank side-trail 3. (hmm, Elmer would have been a cute name for Dixie!)


Throughout the state park you will find places like this. These structures were built by the Civil Conservation Corp. (CCC) Roosevelt started it in 1929 and it lasted for several years. He put people to work, they lived in camps and they were fed, clothed, and paid, and they did a lot of work that still stands today. It was a good thing, but at the time it received a lot of criticism. Remember Grandma Walton complaining all the time about the money the President was spending!

Wonder who lives here?
and here...
They have not received rain in so long that the creek beds have dried up.
Another dried up creek bed......but wait.....what do 'eye' see????? Is it???? Blow up the picture if you must......

It is!!! OH Queeeeeeeen and Taking Heart --- look what I found in the creek bed!
If I see one more step..

Fortunately for us, after walking up these steps, we found a short cut back to our cabin from trail 2. I knew it was too much. Two miles doesn't really seem like much, but we had a lot of steps, it was hot out, we're out of shape, and two miles is a a lot! The next day we took trail 3 and made it through the end.

They have horseback riding in brown county if you are so inclined. I'm not. Shakes up my ovaries to much!
odd looking tree
I like the way they leave the trees when they fall over.
When you go hiking, don't forget to look up.

If you ever want to see God's glory, go hiking and be amazed at all the wonder of nature.


  1. That dang eye!.....I think gnomes live in those tree cubby holes.

  2. Good thing you did not step on him and squish the poor green guy. Which park were you hiking in Brown county state or Turkey run? They both come with a lot of steps from my memory.

  3. Thanks for checking in on me! :) I am ok! :)

    But I have no idea what I'm looking at in the dried up creek bed. What is it?? :)


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