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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am offended!

OK folks...I'm offended. This is not the first time I've seen this, I'm sure it won't be the last, but I'm tired of it. How much more needs to show before it's indecent exposure! I think it's indecent already. And I'm really not that easily offended. I worked at a college for 15 years, so I've seen a lot, but this is ridiculous. I told the boys I watch if I see them dressing this way I will walk right up to them, even if they are with a bunch of friends, and I will pull their pants up!

I think one of these political candidates that are bombarding us with ads right now need to use it as their platform......."and I'll stop these kids from showing their ass while walking down the street in your neighborhood!" I'd vote for him/her! And of course, let's not forget the other side. Yes folks, his pants are pulled down that far on the other side. I think "it" is the only thing holding up his pants, if you know what I mean. And to watch him walk, well he has to walk funny to keep them from falling down even more. Ridiculous.

I had to drive around the block twice to get this picture. He turned around because he noticed someone driving slowly behind him. Whoops - got caught with the camera taking his picture! It was hard focusing through the car window. I told him to pull up his pants. He probably thinks I'm a prude. I think he's an idiot. And the thing is, he probably isn't an idiot. He's probably a very nice, intelligent boy. But he looks like an idiot.

Phew!....I feel better...I think



  1. I agree Cindy,,,the other thing that totally offends me and I don't get it is all the spitting these kids have to do now. Why is it that boys have so much more saliva then girls, it disgusts me...if I had a way he would spit or let his ass hang out! At first I didn't realize you took the picture,,if you notice the sign to the right, I thought maybe his ass was for!!

    Have a great day..

  2. Ronda,

    LOL! I noticed the sign AFTER I took the picture. But I literally drove around the block twice to get this pic, and when he turned and saw me with the camera, I wasn't about to drive around again! Cindy

  3. I genuinely think that those boys have created a culture with those pants... part of intimidation and bullying in the beginning years ago when it all started... now it is just hung on. I'm tired of seein all the undies out there. It makes it very hard for me to look at them in the eyes to have a decent conversation with a person when their pants are at their knees. Ugh.

    Pants on the Ground... lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground....

  4. Hi TH,

    I agree. Since peri-menopause started, I have problems focusing, mentally. So I'd really have a problem talking to one of "them" because the whole time my mind would be thinking...those pants gonna fall down? This was right after school. Do they let kids dress this way at school? If they do, I'm in favor of uniforms.


  5. I so agree. Do not like this look at all. Its been around for a while now so I am surprised it has continued so long. These same boys would probably just buy their uniforms 3 inches too big and wear them just the same way.

  6. Cindy Bee, your lucky he didnt take out a gun and shoot your ass. You better be careful. These young gangsters have no morals.
    My mom told me that back in the day it was a well known thing that guys in the prisons would wear their pants like this to let the other inmates that they "were availiable"
    That will put a damper on it if you tell the perp that.......... next time


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