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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cute only goes so far....

I know I'm supposed to be blogging about hiking, but folks I gotta vent for just a minute. We'll hike tomorrow...or Saturday. This little Dixie dog is a handful. A cute handful, but a handful nevertheless. (I don't like that word nevertheless--it's three words really--my ex-husband used to use it when he acted all business-y)

So, when I was trying to take pics of the linens to show you my treasures (post before this one), Dixie was standing on them, wrestling them, wrestling with my socks, chewing the rocking chair, etc. I put him outside and he squeezed out of our fence and went to the neighbors house. The same neighbor that gave him to me, and watched him while we were gone. The neighbor brought him back. I think he's a bit confused on where he lives. The dog, not the neighbor. Give the neighbor a few more years and he'll probably be confused on where he lives too.
So the next time I put him in the back yard, I changed him up. He squeezed out of his collar.
We are trying to decide if we are going to call him Dixie Who or Dixie Dini (after Houdini). Which one do you like?
Last night, my husband went outside and let Dixie out with him and he started to run off. (the dog, not the husband.) My husband went after him. I told him (the husband, not the dog) to always put the dog on a leash when he has him out, but he didn't listen to me (again the husband, not the dog -well actually, neither of them listen)
I have cleaned up three poopy messes and about as many pee messes in the house. He will NOT go outside when it is dark out. Now, this could be from something that happened to him at the park, when he went rogue. I have no idea....all I know is it is dark out when we get up at 5:30 in the morning and he will not go outside unless I pick him up and physically take him outside. And he will not get off of the porch unless I walk with him. So this winter, it's gonna be fun.
And now....about an hour ago.....I walked in the house from outside, went to the front window, walked all over the place, went to the back window, thought I was stepping on something. I looked down and saw a bunch of leaves attached to my shoe. What were they attached with? Yup - you got it - dog poop.
Somebody best be doing some praying for us in this house. We haven't had a dog in awhile, I think he's more of a pup than we thought, or maybe he's just getting used to us, doesn't feel like a guest anymore or something...I don't know. All I know is cute has it's limits. And do not tell my man about the messes in the house or we're all going to be sleeping in the dog house.


  1. Oh the training....So hate that part of puppies/dogs. Do not miss that at all. Ladybug is probably our last dog. I wanted her so badly and hubs said we would not be able to go anywhere. I said we do not go anywhere anyway. Which was true but now he uses Ladybug and the chickens for an excuse. Shh...I won't tell on Dixie.

  2. That dog is going to drive you nuts... but I'm glad you love him so...

  3. Hmmm...Sounds like he is pre-booking vacancies for a"doggy getaway"
    P.S. I love dogs.............but I had to get rid of a lazy noncompliant Basset Hound years ago.........Poop everywhere.


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