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Monday, October 25, 2010

Save the Turtles!

About a month ago we were on our way home from our land. On this certain road there is almost always a dead animal, hit by a car. I even hit an opossum one time. It was just laying there like it was dead, so I straddled it with my tires and right when I was to go over it, it moved and I screamed! It was about 5:00 a.m., dark out, and this road doesn't have any lights.
See the whole story here and here

So, later that evening, after working all day, being very hot and tired, we left our land, in separate vehicles. Well, I was on "the road of dead animals" and saw this turtle about to cross the road, very slowly. So I stopped. When I stopped my car, my Shug, who was following me, stopped and asked what I was doing?

"I want you to save that turtle. You almost hit it with your truck."

"What turtle?"

"That one" (I point)

He said, "I didn't even see it."

"Exactly why someone needs to move it."

"Cindy, I'm tired."

"I know honey, but you'll be saving it's life, and I'd feel better about it. And I'm too afraid of it to move it."

Poor guy was hot, tired, and ready for a bath and bed, but he saved the turtle.

It was not a happy snapper! Look at it's head rearing back.

(I love this man)

Safe and sound across the road.

And yesterday, on this same road....

a turtle. {sigh} what am I going to do. No Shug to help me move the turtle. I stopped my car and tried to scoot it with my foot but it just ducked inside it's shell.

Luckily I had my beekeeping gloves in my car. I'm a weenie, but hey I saved it!

Safe and sound, and just in time. A semi truck came around the corner right after I got back in my car.
BTW-Does everyone all know we only have two months until Christmas!



  1. oh my, lovely man he is saving the turtle and you too with your bee gloves....did you have to mention christmas already? I am still getting ready for the 5th grandchild.... next week it is.. Going to try and do a baby bunting too but that may not be done until after the happy day.
    yikes., I used to live on Scottsburg In. my kids and grandkids still live there,,,,,,
    way to far away from us.. but thats live..
    till next time.. Hugs from South Texas, Birgit

  2. are a turtle angel. Out saving one snapper at a time across the Hoosierland. A turtle crusader!!!!!
    btw....your honey has lots of hair on his arms.

  3. LOL! Never thought of myself as a turtle angel, saving snappers! Yes my honey is a hairy man. He's been asked to take his sweater off before entering a pool, and he didn't have one on!!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Since we live in a state full of big lakes and little lakes we see a lot of turtles crossing the road. Two of three of my daughters will stop and save them almost every time. I have a pond that has saved turtles living in it. But I draw the line at the snappers. Do not want any of those meanies living in my pond they must go else where.

  5. You are a turtle guardian angel C.Bee! I loved my turtle... had him for many, many years. His name was Herbie.


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