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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eye have some special blogger friends!

Eye have some blogger friends who made fun of my eye-less tree....

So eye made them a 'special' Halloween present.

Eye was even going to put this on the garage window.....the one the Queen talks about in her posts......but.......and here's the really spooky part.....

the house number I was given does not exist! My friend went with me and we looked and looked and looked...

We went through alleys, and more alleys, and could not find the garage or the house number.....Could I have the wrong number.....

Should we stop and ask, "Do you know the queen?"

This guy tells us to "get lost!"

We look some more

We ask for help no one in this neighborhood knows the Queen.

We finally had to give up. I had grocery shopping to do and company coming for dinner.

So we go to Plan B....

and leave my special Halloween gift in the Scribe's mailbox.
One for the Scribe and one to give to the Queen.

We head to the grocery store for my food - and it just gets scarier!!!!
We run into a hippie-vampire-ninja-bunny....

This guy's passion is dressing up for Halloween....don't mess with him.....for real.
Happy Halloween


  1. You MADE MY DAY!!! My Middling was so excited to find "the eye" with two jars of eyeballs yesterday before I went to work. I delivered the second jar to the Queen at the sick house last night... we got quite the kick out of it! All of the nurses on the maternity and cardiac wards loved to hear of our Bee Lady friend who we had so much fun playing eyeball Halloween pranks on all month... Hope you have a great day!

  2. So glad to make your day!

    Cindy Bee


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