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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The table...

Remember that table that I saw at the garage sale? I wanted it, but my man did not want to mess with it. Before we left Brown County, I mentioned (a couple of times or so) how nice that table would be in our new screened in room when we build it on to our new house. When we were driving out of town I said, "ooohhhhh, there's the place that had that table for sale." He said, "they don't have a sale sign in their yard now." "Noooo they don't, but I bet they still have it." "Ok you have to get out and ask." So I got out of our car and someone was yelling at me from the upstairs window in the house! Twas the homeowner (table owner) I yelled up, "heeyyy you still got that big table you had at your sale the other day?" " YUP" I knew it! He yelled down it's in the garage and go take a look. So we dickered (funny word, dickered. Is it a word really?) with him over the price then the deal was if we could get it in our vehicle we'd buy it.

So while my man proceeded to take the table apart...

I emptied everything out of the back of our Durango.

Look at the feet on that thing!!!

Mr. Table man is happy---my man, not so sure.

I loaded everything back in the Durango and off we went!!!! Table and all.....
There's my 'sand and sea' afghan....I bet you're wondering it's coming along. Most of you call it the ripple stitch or something like that. My pattern was actually called Lakeshore afghan, but I changed the name to Sand and Sea. I'll show you that in my next post.

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  1. Ah Cindy I am glad you got the table. I kept thinking I wonder if she is going back for that table. When my hubs says he is "not interested" I know that it is not going to happen with him in the same car. But if I am "interested" I know how to drive and I will get back there for sure. Just got home from work, just finished sharing my apple with Bugs and am having a cuppa hot chocolate. Too much caffeine later in the day the last few days. Need sleep. Have a good day!


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