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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crafty stuff

I thought I['d show you some crafty stuff I've been doing lately. See this....

it's a coaster I made. It's called locker hooking. It's a great way to use some material that you aren't going to use for anything else. That's the hook you use. Somewhat like a crochet hook at one end with the eye of a needle on the other end. It costs about $4.00.

See...a coaster.
My friend, however, made a rug....for me. How sweet of her!

This is my 'Sand and Sea' afghan. I got the pattern from Lion Brand website and it's called Lakeside afghan.

It's much bigger than the granny stripe blanket I made. I'm probably not even half way done, but I'll get there....sometime....maybe this winter...when I can't get outside.


  1. Oh my, yours is gorgeous! Mine's at about the same stage of half doneness, but I've run out of wool. I'll hopefully be able to get some more next weekend though.

    I love your coaster. Very excellent. Off to google locker hooking now!

    I'm also making coasters - crochet ones from a Japanese craft book. And dishcloths. I'm always knitting dishcloths :)

  2. Hi Jeanne,

    Funny you leave a comment as I'm perusing your blog! Looking at your grannie blanket...drooling because I fear I will never make one. Too many squares to sew together..but I might have to. I just love them. And those knitting needles.....beautiful! Do they knit as pretty as they look??!!!


  3. I really love your new blanket Cindy and the little fabric coaster is adorable, you've been so busy!

  4. Hi Mel,

    I wish I had more time for crafting, but I fit it in whenever I can. This time of year is busy with bees, harvest celebrations, and getting ready for winter. Thanks for the compliment. I always watch your blog for inspiration.


  5. No! The needles are too short!


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