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Friday, October 1, 2010

Help! Someone stole my heart!

So yesterday our neighbor stops by...."Hi Cindy, have you seen my new dog?"
"Well sort of, I saw him through your window the other night. We drove by your house to see him, but you weren't home."
"Well, I brought him over to meet you."
"Um, I don't really have time right now, I have to pick up a kid in five minutes. Can you come back in about 15 minutes?
15 minutes later.....doorbell Buzzes (does not ding dong like normal doorbells)
"Can you meet him now?"
"Sure.....Vinh you want to meet Phil's new dog?"
"Do you want him?"
Shocked look on Cindy's face, as she thinks... fell right into this trap.
"Sure, but D will never go for it."
"Sure he will. When he came down last week he told me to talk to you."
"I'm serious."
"Why don't you want him?"
"Well, he and Beau get into mischief when I leave them alone. But they are great when I'm there." (Beau is his dog)
"Well....." I'm trying to think as I watch Vinh cuddle and hold him like a baby. Can't think Can't think......Can't think clearly....."where did you find him?"
"The A's found him."
"Did you put an ad in the paper?"
"No, I should have."
"Yes, you should have."
"Did you see if he's microchipped?"
"No, probably should have."
"YES you should have."
"What if D comes home and says, NO?"
"Bring him back. I want him, but I'd give him to someone who would let me visit him. I want him close by."
"Well, I'm going to put an ad in the paper, and I'm going to see if he's microchipped. And he'll be back to you within two hours if D says no."
"OK - bye"

I'm a sucker....

But it took him all of 30 seconds to take over our house and home.




Who could say no to a face like this?

D did not say No.....he's a sucker too!
So here is my moral delimna......
Will he get a complex if we name him Dixie?


  1. Oh my gosh I hope no one claims him because you need to keep him so when I drive by Ladybug can play with the cutest pooch in Bee Land. Of course I am probably not driving down again till spring because I decided it is someone (family) else's turn to visit me. But I have promised myself that I am going to make the next visit my time so I can visit my new and old friends on the way. He is just too cute!

  2. he is really cute. scruffy cute...and forever cute....i love dogs

  3. Hi Brenda - He is the cutest pooch in Bee Land! He's the only pooch in Bee Land! We were actually looking into getting a pup, as you know, but decided against it with building and all. Well, since this just happened maybe it was meant to be. Can't wait for him to meet LadyBug.

    Queen - Hmmm, maybe we should name him Scruffy. His middle name could be cute! Scruffy Cute. I like it. But we're also thinking maybe Parker (He was found in the park) or Buster.



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