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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dixieand Stubby Update

We went to the vet yesterday. Dixie? does not have a microchip. He is probably about a year old. He has allergies to something, which is why he keeps biting at his back legs. I gave him a bath thinking it might be fleas, but did not see any fleas. Now I know... allergies. Doesn't everyone in Indiana have allergies?
Names we have thought of..
Dixie - Because he looks like a mini version of the dog in the movie "Because of Winn Dixie" Have you seen that movie? Watch it. Too cute. So far that's what everyone is calling him, but I'm just not sure......although I thought of it.
Other ideas...
Mr. Scruffy Cute
Parker (because he was found in the park)
In the meantime....look who I saw yesterday!!!!
I took this pic from my car...not real good. I've been spending a lot of time in my car lately. My friend Teresa, my dog Dixie, and I were on our way to do a couple of errands and she said "HEY IS THAT STUBBY?!" I stopped the car and was going to turn around and get him some food but she reminded me that we were running out of time.
I think he's been hanging out with rats. 'Cept for the tail, he looks like one! You do know they are in the rodent family, don't you?


  1. So glad you spied Stubby and so glad you are calling Dixie your dog. I like the name Dixie the best so far.

  2. Forgot. My oldest daughter got our grand daughter her niece a kitten for her birthday. She named it Crash. Cute huh?

  3. That movie is one of my favorites! I vote for Dixie... LOVE it!

  4. OK y'all Dixie it is. That's what everyone has been calling him. I'll post an update with a few cute pics.

    Brenda-Crash sounds cute. What a nice birthday gift for your grand daughter. My niece asked me if I would get her a kitten when we move to the country!

    TH - We watched "Winn-Dixie" again this weekend and I got teary eyed when he ran away! And I've seen it before! Hormonal? I think so!



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