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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crafty fun

OK...tell me the truth. Do you like these?
Can you tell what they are?
Do not say Chili Peppers. If I hear chili peppers one more time...

Does this help?

What if I do this? Does it help?

Are they cute?

Should I make more?

What if I wad them up, tie them in knots, then throw them in a box, will you know what they are then?



  1. They did not look like chilli peppers I knew right away what your thoughts where and I love them. Such a neat idea,, I think I need to consider making some for decorations If I get the time before christmas.. cute.,,,,
    Hugs from South Texas,,,,,Birgit

  2. I love them!! I knew right away what they are! ADORABLE!!

  3. Yep, I knew right away that they were the big, hot, bright, delightful Christmas bulbs of yore... Love them!!!! Great idea.

  4. do those come in scented grubbies?? I think they are adorable...finally got back to you.....hope all is well...

  5. Mini ice cream cones? The kind you get at the Cracker Barrel that have real cones, but candied foam for ice cream? hahahahaha

    It took me a minute. Until I saw them up close I thought they were ice cream erasers.

    But once you added the electrical wire... I just KNEW... I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

  6. Ice cream cones? TH - seriously?

    Ronda, Debbie, Birgit and Robyn -thank you! OK, TH thank you too. I like them. I think they are so cute. We learned how to make these in our Granny Bee stitchery group, but we made them with much smaller yarn. Size 4 needles! YIKES! I upped the size to 7 and am using that cotton dish cloth yarn, since I have tons of it. I think they are going to be cute on our tree. I want to make a lot of different stitchery items for the holidays. Cindy

  7. They're gorgeous, that's what they are!

  8. hehehe they looked they chilli's (now that you mentioned it) But with the string YES I can see what they are and I LOVE them :-)

  9. I knew right away! They look just like they should look. But I would never want to knit enough of them to make a difference. You go girl!


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