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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Duke!

My Brother turns 50 today!

Everyone, except his son, was able to join him in celebrating on Sunday, at his house.

On the left is his oldest daughter, Adrienne, with her daughter, Dylan (his grand daughter)

These two are his youngest daughters, left Emily, right Sarah.
(told ya I have a lot of nieces)

He was having a great time Sunday.

It was all fun and games until.....
Duke loses his patience! Notice our sister in the background.
She gave the kids candy bracelets. Dylan got it all over her white sweater, and got it taken away. Then Sarah was making a huge mess with hers. Duke told Sarah three times to put it away. (they did just get new carpeting) When she never did, he lost his patience and threw it away! We all started laughing, well, except for Sarah.

So then Theresa got in trouble, by Duke. (I'm still laughing - you had to be there)
He's still going on about it.......(lol)

And Theresa got the finger point! In our family, whenever someone gets in trouble, you start shaking your fingers at them. You can see how devastating it is! I guess it's something my Dad's brothers used to do when they were kids. (6 boys and a girl - you can imagine) We've carried on the "tradition" in our family. That's Vickie, by the way, in the checked shirt. She is our cousin, on our Mom's side. Mom is to the left....cut out of the pic.
Ahhem....I heard, through the grapevine, that Duke got sick that night. Didn't quite make it to the bathroom toilet...threw up on their new bathroom flooring. The same floor that isn't supposed to get wet for a week, due to making sure the glue is dry. I'm just sayin....
Love ya - and your messy kids too!

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