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Monday, October 4, 2010

My weekend

When Mom walked in the door, Dixie acted like he has known her forever. He would not leave her alone. So cute.
These are two of my nieces. They spent the night with us Saturday night. They're cute, but when they are together, they're a handful. I told their Mom's, "it's funny, no one called me at all this time to see how I was doing." They both said, "we were afraid you were going to send them back and we had plans!" Can you tell which one is the girly girl? She loves wearing my hats. As you can see Dixie loved them, and they loved him.

We decided to celebrate Sarah's birthday. She'll be 7 in a few days.
Taylor likes to do crafty stuff. She gets that from me!

I had to get a picture of this sky, which of course, doesn't do it justice. It was very ominous looking.

Stubby stayed gone for quite some time. I really thought he was hit on the road because I hadn't seen him in awhile, and I saw a smashed squirrel a couple blocks away. They get crazy this time of year. Anyway, when he shows up, he is right on my heels until I feed him. It always startles me because he is so quiet, then I look down and there he is. I've almost stepped on him a few times. Check out that tail...wonder what happened.

And we celebrated my Brother's 50th birthday! More on that tomorrow.
How was your weekend?


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  1. Your puppy looks like my sister in laws little guy... only he's black and white... but they look like they could be brothers. I don't remember what kind... some sort of maltapoo or something like that.... but they are supposedly very smart non shedding dogs. I love the name Winn Dixie... LOVE


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