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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crafty fun

I thought I'd share some of the projects that the members of the Granny Bees are doing. The Granny Bees are a group of women who love sharing their knowledge of all types of primitive crafts. They are wonderful teachers of these crafts, but DO NOT STEAL their patterns! If I see one of you doing one of these patterns, you are in big troub. So am I!

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This is punch needle. It's a lot of fun to do because once you get the pattern on weavers cloth (bought at your local craft store or fabric store) you just punch away and the design appears. You use a special 'punch needle', thread it with DMC floss, then color in the lines by punching. So it's an easy thing to do while watching TV.

More punch needle. Most of the time they will coffee/tea stain their project when finished to make them look primitive. I am more of a cottage person, with a few prims thrown in for fun. What I like about these crafts is that you can finish them however you want.

Now look at this craftiness! She took a small basket, some knitting needles and some empty thread spools. She put the spools on the knitting needles and she wound the dmc floss on the spools, then put the needles through the basket. Now you don't have to stop and start to reload your punch needle. Her blog is

Rug Hooking. You use a special tool for this craft too. This lady is using wool strips all cut the same size, and is making a rug out of the pattern she created. I think this is done on burlap or linen type cloth. She says she is actually going to put this on her floor and walk on it! WHAT?

This is embroidery. Also done with dmc floss and an embroidery needle. It's the different stitches that make this project beautiful.

She is holding the pattern up for you to see what the finished project will look like.

This is going to be a table runner when it's finished. She is stitching wool.
I haven't had much time for crafts lately. Except for sneaking in a few stitches of my 'Sand and Sea' blanket now and then. I'll post it later because for now, I have a huge day planned and I am meeting with my Granny Bee friends tonight.


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