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Friday, September 3, 2010

Mysterious Meeting or Blogger Bandits?

Mysterious new friends or Blogger Bandits?!?!!!

So yesterday, I met these two mysterious looking people at a local restaurant. They wanted to meet Roofus. There he is....right there in front...for some reason his tattoo says Toshiba, but his name is Roofus. If you want to see why, go back to the "Free Laptop" post. The Queen came up with that name for him and I love it.
The Queen let me borrow her Scribe for a bit, and look at the cool things she did for my blog. She's a computer genius! Pretty wall paper, a map, my bees - did you notice them in the upper right hand corner? Bad thing is, I cannot get on my blog at home anymore. When I went home last night, all excited to show my husband my improved blog, I couldn't do anything with it. As a matter of fact, I can't even look at it at home! I thought....could they be Blogger Bandits in disguise, destroying blogs one blogger at a time....I've been had! But look at me now, sitting at Taco Bell (I know - not even a cool coffee shop - woe is me) and uploading stuff to my new and improved blog. The Queen and her Scribe are nice. It's my home connection that's bad. Remember, at home I have dial-up. So, the extras might have to go. But for now, I like 'em. We'll see what happens. And while you are reading blogs - read their blogs listed to the right. Just click on 'em.
The Palace Post
Places where Grace is (and Taking Heart-her sister blog)
This is what I get for not sitting a cool coffee shop, but it could get interesting........some "lady?" (I don't think so) is yelling around ...acting like.....well, I best not say it.....Good grief people - have some class. I could publish her telephone number - right now to everyone - as she is all the way across the room yellin' around and she just said her phone number loud enough for everyone to hear. Do I dare.....
Nah - I'd rather show you some more goodies in my friends booth at Treasure Mart. Here ya go.
This very unique card table now has a checkerboard painted in the center of it.
See ya later...who knows where I'll show up, so you best not be shouting out your phone might end up published!


  1. It was fun...Scribe said she would fix it....even over the phone..Let us know.

  2. Queen,

    I had a great time. I e-mailed Scribe and she said she would fix it and she felt really bad. I appreciate her thoughtfulness. I actually think I know how to fix it, but I just love it and hate to change it back to the boringness of the old one. I'm leaving it for now. I have an idea - and if it works - Roofus and I will be spending more time together and this will work.

    Do you think we can meet again sometime? I'd like to open a 2nd blog. I'll tell you all about it later.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Cindy Bee.... I just love your new look, and I'm so sorry it won't work with dial up... dangit. Too bad you aren't my neighbor, I would so let you share wifi with me!

    This blog is beauteous!

    Can't wait to meet up again... that was fun! Thanks for the good laughs and for the embarassing poo stories... we bonded well, didn't we?


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