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Monday, September 20, 2010

One of those days...

Yesterday was just one of those days. And I can't seem to get out of the slump. First of all, what is the deal with this?

Those are shirts. And three days in a row when I went to iron a shirt to wear I would find a small pin-head sized hole in each of them. Who knows how many more are like that. Why is this happening? I first noticed this last year on a shirt, but thought it was cheap material. Now I wonder if it isn't something to do with my washer. Or hanging my clothes on the line. These are t-shirt type tops, not wool, so I'm thinking it's not moths. However, this morning when I was at the kitchen design store, a moth was flitting around me, and I got kind of paranoid about it. Like, will they think I brought this moth with me? Do I have moths? I make my own laundry detergent and it's supposed to be mild. What is up? Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

And I'm wondering about Stubby.

Remember Stub? Lazy Stub who always finds some shade, and lays down to eat dinner. Well, over a week ago I saw a dead squirrel that got hit on the road a couple blocks away. It was somewhat of a busy road and I couldn't tell, but I thought the squirrel had a cut off tail. Like Stubs. And I haven't seen Stub in awhile.

And yesterday morning, I went out to our land because they said they were pouring our basement walls. I wanted to watch and take pics for our house blog. So I asked, "what time do you expect the cement truck?" "Oh, 11:00ish." So I return at 12:30, thinking this is an all day job. Well, no it isn't an all day job. They had five cement trucks there and I missed it!
I missed it because I decided to go to the Community Garden and work, instead of hanging around waiting for an hour and a half. Well, when I got to the garden, I had a couple of issues that needed resolved They are still not resolved, and they are still bothering me.
One thing I did not miss was the cement. Didn't miss that at all. I was walking around and stepped right in it. Not bad. Just enough to stick to my shoes and get all over the car mat.
Oh, and while I was at the land, I had to in know (pee) And we do have an outhouse, but I was afraid to use it with guys there. Not because of them, but because I don't usually close the door because when you do, it is pitch dark. And I want to see in case a creepy crawly starts heading my way as I squat. So I waited for the workers to leave. Now, I will say after all of these years I have mastered 'going' outside and I will explain in a moment, but I was not about to go outside with people around. I sort of waited too long because I was doing that funny walk, stand still, funny walk, stand still, walk... to get to the outhouse. Know what I mean? And I was so hot my jeans were sticking to me. So when I got in the outhouse I couldn't get my pants down quick enough. I started 'going' on my jeans. Not bad. My shirt covered it. But still.....

And then, the whole time I'm there, I felt like someone....

or some thing....

was watching me.

And let me ask.....
raise your hand if you don't just love it when you wash your jeans
with a tissue in the pocket.

OK - now for the technique... And it is quite simple. Go to a secluded area. Open your car door. Sit your rear on the ledge of the car door opening and pee. It saves the pants, trust me.
Oh, and let me just mention I decided to have one light beer...just one....last night, after having such a day. And just one lite beer made my body feel as though someone turned on a furnace inside! It's the hormones and I hate 'em. They are a crazy mixed up mess. And I just love it when everyone notices. Like today, when I went to the Extension Office and my friend that works there turns on her desk fan and points it towards me! I ask, "Do I look that hot?" She shook her head yes. {sigh} But hey, she's the one with the fan on her desk!



  1. Eye always feel like... somebody's watchin' meeee....

    It's on Bee Lady (heheheheh bwahahahahah)

  2. P.S. I am sorry about your out house accident... do you think the eye was watching? (insert creepy halloween music)

    I had a dryer that ate my t-shirts once... annoying isn't it?

  3. The previous owner of our home did a bad job of tiling kitchen counters. The edges are rough. For the first 6 months I could not figure out why I had holes on the front of my shirts in the same place. Finally a light bulb came on and had hubs file the edges down a little. Still have a problem with it but try to remember to wear an apron if I have something nice on. Had a few flashes myself today at work. I was annoyed and that brings them on promptly. Bother.

  4. Oh I hope that wasn't Stubby. :( Let us know if you see him!

    The shirt thing: I wonder if there isn't a rough spot on the barrel of either your washer or dryer. Have you felt around in there by chance?

    And thanks for the tip on mastering the art of going outdoors. You're so funny. :)


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